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As I look forward to 2014 and dream up what I'd like this space to be, what I'd like to share with you, one word continues to surface -- P A S S I O N. I'm not talking about the passion that comes on a whim and disappears as the next big idea rolls in. I'm talking much bigger than that. I'm talking of the kind of passion that influences growth, pushes boundaries, and asks you to boldly trust and follow God.

It's the kind of passion that doesn't subside when obstacles arrive; it's the kind of passion that drives you to overcome those obstacles. This kind of passion fires you up. It excites you and challenges you down to your very core. It reveals your weaknesses, embraces your strengths, and more than anything shows your great need for Christ.

And that's because, at it's core, it's a passion that can only happen in His power, by His calling. It's a passion that only can happen when you are fully seeking Him.

This is the passion I feel today. I'm not sure there's a better way to explain it. Maybe I've completely lost you in all my mumbling, but maybe you're shaking your head YES; completely understanding this kind of passion. You know exactly what you would be doing today if you pursued this kind of passion or quite possibly, you're already pursuing that passion, and know exactly the feelings I am expressing.


This kind of passion means being a committed follower of Christ.
This kind of passion meant leaving a career at an Architecture firm, for a job that requires us to raise our full financial support.
This kind of passion gives me more joy then I've experienced in a long time.
This kind of passion draws me nearer to Christ.
This kind of passion calls for sacrifices.
This kind of passion humbles me.
This kind of passion pushes me to write. To design. To read. To connect. It fires me up.
This kind of passion includes days that are full and life giving, and it has days that are difficult and filled with challenges.
This kind of passion does not make everything roses and daisies.
This kind of passion was unthinkable to pursue just a few years ago, but now I couldn't imagine it another way.


What would you be doing today if you pursued this kind of passion?

What are you doing today as you already pursue this kind of passion?


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