Do Something Radical With Your Time


131204_lifegiving Guy and I went out for a walk this past snowy, Monday afternoon. My man knows that I have a sweet spot for the first big snowfalls and he knew nothing would energize me more in the middle of a Monday than a quick walk through the fresh snow.

It was my favorite kind of snowfall too. The thick, heavy, wet kind that sticks to every surface it finds. A literal blanket of white covered homes, paths, trees, and streets. It was absolutely the most life giving moment in my afternoon.

And it's moments like Monday that make me want to do something radical with my time. What if we all were downright radical with how we spent our time? What if we each left behind the not so life giving tasks and replaced them with the life-giving ones? I'm not talking leaving behind doing the dishes, cleaning, or caring for loved ones, those, while not always life-giving are essential and must-happen tasks in our weeks. I'm talking the extra hours in our day we spend mindlessly surfing Twitter and Facebook. The extra hours in our day, that if we don't really think about them, get lost in the shuffle of moving from one thing to another.

Like walking in freshly fallen snow on a crisp winter day. That makes me plain giddy on a Monday afternoon and totally leaves me motivated to answer a long list of emails sitting in my inbox. Or turning my computer, phone, and iPad off well before bed and instead choosing to read a novel for an hour or too? My sleep will probably be more restful and my morning far more joy filled.

As I dive into this very full and wonderful holiday season I'm looking to capture these radical moments in my day. I would love to see this radical moments become a habit in my daily routines. And hopefully, if that is true, some of the not so life-giving moments will flush themselves right out.


Have you thought about what gives you life? Want to join me today?

Just fill in the blank: My life-giving moments happen when I am:

  • Creating and Designing.

  • Writing in this space and in my own personal spaces.

  • Spending quality time with my husband, family, and friends.

  • Reading Books.

  • Experimenting in Baking and Cooking.

  • Running and Playing Sports.

  • Consistently in the Word and spending time in prayer.

  • Have free time alone (so life-giving for my introverted soul).

  • Enjoying the benefits of all four seasons in Minnesota.

  • Soaking in Weekends at the Cabin.

Could you be radical with your time? What gives you life?  What leaves you energized, motivated, and inspired at the end of your day?