Are You A Grace Giver :: Wife Life Series


131218_wifelifeHi there!

It's a privilege to be talking about Grace for our Husband's today over on Erin's Blog during her Wife Life Series. I have personally been so encouraged by Erin and even though we have yet to actually meet in person, I feel like I know her; her heart, her passions, and most importantly her love for Jesus. This lady is the real deal and I'm blessed to be joining along in her series!

Here's a sneak preview of what we're chatting about today:

It was almost exactly a year ago, the weather was very similar to today. The temperature was hovering near zero and a recent ice/snowstorm had just blown through town. My husband Guy was on his way home from his men’s group a few towns away. I was snuggled up on the sofa watching a favorite show, excited to have him back home. It was an absolutely normal night in the Johnson home.

Not long after 10:00pm I heard my phone ringing and saw it was Guy calling. I knew something was wrong. He rarely calls me when he’s so close to home and in the car. I answered and what followed on the other end turned into a far from normal evening....continue reading over on Streetlight's to Stars!

And if you're curious, you can follow the Wife Life Series from the beginning here!