Following A Holiday Weekend


131202_DecemberGoals We're all coming off an extended holiday weekend. For some of you it may have felt more like a vacation, and for others of you, you may feel like you need a vacation. As we each dig into our weeks, regardless of which camp you fall in, today is a clean slate. Show yourself grace as you and your family fall back into your daily rhythms. G R A C E + F L E X I B I L I T Y are essential to not only surviving these last few weeks of 2013, but are essential for being joy filled.

There's approximately 4-weeks left in 2013 and grace and flexibility are at the forefront of my mind. As I was setting goals for the month I knew that maintaining what's already in motion is more essential than beginning another new project. So my goals this month are each centered around maintaining, allowing room for flexibility as new holiday traditions and events arise, and showing myself and others grace in the fullness of the season.

D E C E M B E R  G O A L S

/1/ Reach 90-Percent of our monthly ministry goal.

We're so excited, Lord willing, to finally make the move to Milwaukee in 2014 and begin working on college campuses throughout the metro area. This is another huge step in bringing us closer to the big move!

/2/ Maintain Workout Routine

It's not getting any warmer here in Minnesota, but that won't be my excuse for not getting outside and running. Plus, I picked up these amazingly comfortable running tights at Gap this weekend for a steal! Can't wait to take them for spin this month.

/3/ Continue to Make Prayer a Daily Habit

Pray first, work second. Growing so much in this lately and I would love to see this habit become instinct in the coming months and years.

/4/ Begin Search for Our New Home!

To say I'm excited for this would be an understatement! We don't have an official move date yet but we're praying that it would be sometime in the beginning months of 2014.

/5/ Carry on with Rebranding of BecomingBryn

There's exciting changes coming in 2014 to BecomingBryn, but there's still a lot of work to be done.


What are your December Goals? Are you in the maintaining boat or looking to start new projects?

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