Our Ministry Right Now


131209_adayinthelife A while back I asked you what you wanted to hear on this space and you all had so many exciting thoughts! Thank you! Many of you mentioned you wanted to hear more about our ministry, our family life, and personal stories. I've finally gotten around to thinking through what and how much I want to share and I thought it'd be fun to start at square one. Today. As we prepare for our move to Milwaukee and finish the last 20-percent of our monthly support, what does ministry mean for us right now?

To be honest, our days right now have little to no rhythm; from week to week our lives, schedules, and routines look nothing alike. But regardless of our lack of rhythm, we always have a driving focus -- to continue to be equipped by God to maximize the fruitfulness of our ministry and family.

For us, that means getting up in the morning, putting on a pot of coffee, and asking ourselves -- How can I glorify God today in my work, relationships, and free time? How will I prioritize my day to maximize the fruitfulness of our ministry and family?

Our typical day, in this season of raising our ministry support looks like:

- 7:45/8:00am -

Out of Bed. I know we're not the earliest risers right now, and this will change as we begin working on campus, but for the moment, our typical work day goes anywhere from 8am-10pm.

- 8:30am-ish -

Pour my first cup of coffee and dig right into any emails/messages/texts. For some reason doing them while drinking coffee makes it so much better. On any given day, emails/messages/texts can take anywhere from an hour to the whole day to get through. Guy is particularly bomb at pushing through a day full of emails and messages:).

- All hours of the day -

We typically have meetings to prepare for and commute to/from. We're connecting with individuals anywhere from 8-12 times a week to share more about our ministry. Our meeting times plus commutes can last anywhere from an hour to four hours long depending on where we're meeting.

- 7:00pm-ish -

If we happen to not have any meetings scheduled for our evening, we typically use these "free" nights to make phone calls. It's the best time of day to connect with individuals in order to setup meetings for the following weeks.

- 10:00pm-ish -

Rest. Currently our favorite way to wind down at the end of the day is to watch one of our favorite tv shows online or read a book. We're loving the Mentalist, but it's recently been so intense I can't watch it before bed, ha!


Everyday is a combination, in a different order than the previous. We eat at strange hours of the day because that's when we're free. And sometimes, we drop everything and take a mental break by going for a walk, exercising, or playing a game. Like I shared last week, we desire to sandwich the must-do's of our days with the life-giving moments.

It's a wild, challenging and fun season we find ourselves in. One that we'll be closing soon in order to begin another, but for the moment, we just have to keep leaning into His grace and wisdom, giving Him our complete trust and obedience, and go where He is leading in His timing.


What are you loving about the season of life you find yourself in?

What are your challenges and joys today?