It's so good to be back here. I'm a little rusty in my writing. So let's just get the ball rolling on this Monday morning!

First off, we made the move to Milwaukee! Everything went as planned. My husband drove the moving truck. I drove our car. And my parents followed behind for the long 6-hour drive from Minneapolis to Milwaukee. Once we arrived, in the midst of heavy snowfall, my sister and brother in-law, a few friends in the area, and our future coworkers all showed up and made the unloading so. stinking. wonderful! In under an hour all our belongings were transferred from truck to house. And my family, my amazing family, didn't stop there. They stuck around for the weekend to help assemble furniture, unload boxes, and clean. They deserve a gold medal for all their help! We're talking ikea style furniture assembly and attempting to flatten out a frozen tempurpedic mattress (who knew that was even possible!?).

We've had a week now to settle in before beginning work today. We've sorted, tossed, reminisced, argued, tossed a little more, and to be honest argued a little more too. Moving is wonderful and awful all in the same sentiment. So, moral of my long winded recap, we have a new home that I'm excited to share with you in the coming weeks. As we continue to settle in I'll be sharing our spaces and the projects we'll be doing along the way.

And you may have noticed, not only has my physical home changed, but Becoming Bryn has undergone changes of its own. If you're viewing in a browser pop over here to check out the new design. The incredibly talented Kendahl Throckmorton designed the new logo, color palette, and sidebar graphics. Isn't she amazing?!

It feels wonderful to settle back into writing in this space and to settle into our new home and city. Look for some really fun posts coming your way later this week and month. In the meantime, how are you settling in to this Monday morning?