140203_blessed We've been waiting for this day for what seems like most of the past year and a half. When we left our first apartment back in 2012, we never could have expected the road we would travel, the road that would ultimately land us in Milwaukee in a mere four days.

In the past two and a half years, we've lived in 4 different homes, moved 5 different times, I graduated from college, worked in architecture, stopped working in architecture, Guy interned with Cru for two years, and now we both work for Cru full-time. It's been 9-months since we've lived in our own home. We've spent a summer living in Colorado, a fall and winter living with Guy's parents, and through it all, we agree, wouldn't change a single thing.

We entered into this marriage thing thinking we knew everything about each other. Floating in that magical newly married bliss where nothing your spouse does could ever bother you. And then we soon realized marriage was going to force us to roll up our sleeves and do the hard work before us.

In the past two and a half years, we've miscommunicated more times than I can count. We've pushed each others buttons. We've said and done hurtful things. I've seen my sin rear it's ugly head more than I'd like to acknowledge. I've watched my pride get the best of me. It hasn't been very pretty, but it's been real and raw. And in the end, I fully believe we are stronger for it. Marriage is hard work. And doing marriage and ministry together is hard work. But what a blessing!

As difficult as it sometimes may be, I feel immensely blessed to wake up each morning and have the opportunity to work with my husband, all day, every day. It's not the norm in our society, it's not always easy, but I treasure the chance to walk beside him in ministry, to grow with him in our careers, and to be there for him to celebrate the big days and to be there to comfort him on the challenging.

As we close the chapter on the past two and a half years and in the next few days, begin writing chapter two, I'm anxiously excited. Excited for the clean page laid before us. The empty walls of our home soon to be filled with new challenges and new moments to be shared together. The wildly exciting potential of so many unknowns. And anxious for all the same reasons.

But if there's one thing I've learned in the past two and a half years, I know that this marriage thing, this life we are building together, every chapter of the book we are writing, we are not going it alone. Every page has already been written by The Lord and He will go forth with us. I'm quite certain the challenges we've faced, the arguments we've worked through, and the hurtful moments won't magically end as we begin a new chapter. This chapter will be smeared with its fair share of highs and lows. But this marriage thing, this ministry and marriage thing, it is a blessing in every way. And He is with us as we go.

Here's to writing chapter two.