What do you get when you mix an introvert with college campus ministry and twelve hour days?

...a woman losing her mind. joking, kind of.

But truly, I wanted to be real with you all today and share a glimpse into our new order of life. Most of my stories are purely for my own memory, to look back on these days and remember there crazy goodness, and some maybe you'll find more meaningful to yourself.

no. 1 // As our new routines develop, our energy levels have been waning. Still adjusting to these new schedules and the enthusiasm of college students (which continues into the late hours of the night), we no longer take for granted the value of an early bedtime. In this season of life, when we are child free, it's happened more often than not, on a night we are not working, we're in bed by 7:00pm. Snuggled up, watching a favorite show, and passed out before 10:00pm. It's made all the difference in our weeks.

no. 2 // In the theme of our sleepiness? or maybe it's just laziness? When it comes to date night, lately we've gone with the motto, simpler is better. Because in reality, the desire of our date nights is to intentionally pursue one another in these crazy weeks. That can certainly happen over a fancy dinner out, but more often than not, our greatest connection times have happened while on a winter walk around our neighborhood or while completing a project together. Simply doing life with my husband makes me feel incredibly connected and desired. Last week we found ourselves at Baker Square, on a Wednesday night, with a crowd more than twice our age, and we enjoyed every minute spent in our roughed up booth eating free pie and sharing our weeks with one another.

no. 3 // I maybe haven't mentioned before, but I love city living. I love being able to reach out my window and nearly touch my neighbors home. I love the walkability and the way neighbors come out to play and because the yards are all so small, your yard becomes your neighbors yard and their yard becomes your own. I love the noise of traffic and life happening on the streets. Of bikers swishing by and sirens roaring along. Our new home as all of this, the good (and sometimes the bad) of city living. And lately, I'm soaking in the quiet walks to and from our local grocery store. Cloth bags in tow, I buy only what I can carry (or call my husband for back-up on the rare occasions) and leave our one and only car parked neatly in its spot. With my own two feet or two wheels on a bike I can stop at the grocery store, the pharmacy, three different coffee shops, the bank, and a multitude of restaurants. It's a dream that came with sacrifices, but I'm so glad we're here in this city, in the space we have, within walking distance to all our necessities.

Okay, now it's your turn! What's your story today? What moments do you want to remember about these days and weeks?

So blessed by you all!