Forgive me for my absence these past few weeks. I am so thankful for this online space and the community it has brought me over the past year. I never could have imagined writing would introduce me to women spread across the world. Or that I would fall in love with the act of writing. And actually volunteer to write for The Influence Network. As 2013 was a year of many changes, this space and community has remained a constant in my life. This past month as we've settled into Milwaukee, I haven't been as consistent a writer. And I've discovered I'm completely okay with that for the short term. I've been reading Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist this month and her words have reached deep into the depths I couldn't put to words. If you haven't read it yet, Bread & Wine is a memoir of sorts. It's a story of one women's journey to the table. To the sacred space where relationships, experiences, and meals are shared and ultimately lives are brought together.


For myself, her words have been gently nudging me to enjoy these present moments of life, both online and offline. These crazy, full, fly by the seat of your pants days. Days were you most certainly will be forming another new relationship. Where your social capacity will be stretched just a bit thinner. Where the schedule is still new and exciting, yet the lack of consistency drives you completely mad. These days, right under my nose, are the days I've been handed. And I want to see, experience, hear, taste, move, and live in every moment of them.

We have 9-months remaining in 2014 and I pray this is true of this year and the many years to come:

My prayer is that we'll find ourselves drawn closer and closer to the heart of the story, the beautiful, beating heart of it all, that the chaos around us and within us will recede, and the most important things will be clear and lovely at every turn. I pray that we'll understand the transforming power that lies in saying no, because it's an act of faith, a tangible demonstration of the belief that you are so much more than what you do. I pray that we'll live with intention, hope, and love in this wild season and in every season, and that the God who loves us will bring new life to our worn-out hearts this year and every year, that we'll live, truly and deeply, in the present, instead of waiting, waiting, waiting, for perfect. - Shauna Niequist, Bread & Wine

From the chaos around us and worn-out clarity on what's important and lovely in our lives. To the ability to say no and believe you are more than what you do or accomplish in a day. To a life lived with intention, hope, and love... in all the stages, transitions, and seasons. To the belief that God and His great love for you and for me will breath new life into our hearts year after year after year. To our only responsibility being to live, truly and deeply, in today.


Let's Live.