One year ago I began blogging at Becoming Bryn. It was on a whim of sorts. An opportunity to channel my craving for creating. And a lot has happened since those first posts. Learning the art of writing has felt adventurous and quite vulnerable all within the same key stroke. Walking forward into year two of blogging, I have greater vision and purpose for my writing. Goals that I one day will hopefully share with you and dreams that may seem far reaching right now, but I believe are entirely possible.


For the immediate future, I dream of this space running somewhat like a memoir of our family and our lives. For my writing to become the story of our days; the challenging, lovely, and just plain mundane days.

I dream that my family would look back on these words in the future and read stories about our past conversations around the dinner table. We'd laugh at the stories about our first years in ministry. Our travels would be documented with photographs and favorite memories. And our heartbreaks would be evidence of God's great grace in our lives.

For the past year I have struggled to write these stories. When you find yourself tugged towards very differing passions it's difficult to piece them together into one cohesive package. And if there's one thing I have learned through reading and writing over the past year is that the cohesive package doesn't exist. At least not in my life.

I am a wife, working in ministry with my husband, passionate about urban dwelling, growing in my love affair with cooking and communing around the table with family and friends, honing my tastes in design and fashion, and most importantly walking in step with the Lord through it all. This is the story I want to share. I want to invite you into this story. As if it were a beautifully crafted novel that tugs at your emotions; leaving you laughing on one page, sobbing on the next, and nodding your head in agreement as the story sounds so similar  to your own.

Over the next few weeks I'll be entering into this story. And this space will soon transition from 'Becoming Bryn' to 'Leia Bryn' with a new, white design that better reflects our lives. I can't wait to welcome you in!