He was taking a break from his assigned reading. Sitting down at the piano he laid out sheets of music he knew well from his lessons in the past. I believe the song was For the Beauty of the Earth by Chris Rice. It had been many months since he last played and it was choppy at first. His fingers were relearning the muscle memory of the keys.

I was reading in the family room when I heard him playing. We don't have a piano in our home and I've rarely heard him play while at his parents home. Without sounding to corny, what I heard that Tuesday afternoon was magical. Beautiful. Filled entirely with emotion. I couldn't see him playing but I imagined his body was swaying forwards and backwards to the motion of the song.

If you asked him to play for you he would politely decline. He would tell you he really isn't that good. But I would have to humbly disagree. His hands may be rusty from years away from the piano, but it's clear the memory is all still there.

I'll never forget the time he diligently practiced and performed at my grandfather's funeral last year. It was the first time I had really ever heard him play outside of our engagement. It was beautiful and meant so much. He keeps surprising me that way. Leading our family, leading in ministry, leading in relationships in such a way that more often than not goes unnoticed by many, myself included. Quietly in the background he leads without the need for recognition or compliment. He quietly listens with eyes that pierce you as your talking. It's evident his focus, attention, and care is on on you and you alone.

Over the past three months as we've hurdled through transition after transition the character of this man has never been more clear to me. In the newness of our move, starting new jobs, and beginning new relationships, he has lead us so well. It is evidence of God working in his life and mine. And as I hear him playing piano in the background of my in-laws home I see him more clearly then on the day I married him.

I hope to be forever and abundantly thankful for each transition, each new season, each life change I have the opportunity to experience with this man. I pray I will encourage him to be exactly who God created him to be. And that one day, when you ask him to play the piano, he humbly replies yes and you too would enjoy the magical occasion of hearing him play.

Many blessings on your Wednesday!