What a week it's been! While I've been traveling abroad, you’ve been traveling from Minnesota all the way up to the Bush of Alaska and we'll finish your travels today in the great state of Texas!  The so sweet and dear friend of mine Kailey Rogers from Living in the Rain is sharing with us today! Without further ado…meet Kailey…


Tell us briefly about your story.

I’ve lived in Texas all of my life and I love it! (Except in August when I melt…) I just moved back to my hometown of Dallas, after graduating from Baylor University and I’m so excited to make the city my own. I just got a degree in Speech Pathology and I’m not exactly sure what that means for my future right now but I’ve loved the knowledge I’ve acquired by it and hopefully that will take me somewhere!

My blog story started about a year and a half ago, my anxiety was at an all time high and writing was very therapeutic for me. I nervously decided to write more publicly because I truly believed I wasn’t the only one who felt the way I did. I thought that surely other people were burnt out on trying to control everything. I began to revel in the idea of “living in the rain”. There are two ways to approach situations you can’t control (like rain), you can either sit and wallow and complain or you can choose to let the uncontrollable teach and renew you. I have to choose the latter on a daily basis. For a while it really felt like I was on a lonely internet island. I felt so strongly about writing but no one else seemed to be reading it or relating. So instead of putting so much pressure on my blog and my words, I used it as an opportunity to get to know other bloggers and their stories and in that, I’m learning how to better tell my own. 

How did you wind up at Baylor and where are you going next?

For some reason, I always knew I wanted to go to Baylor, I don’t know why. I decided before I had even visited. My parents were always baffled because neither of them went there but I was so adamant about going. I lived at home my freshman year and got a lot of general credits out of the way at community college and then transferred to Baylor my sophomore year. I started school already in love with the university and it never let me down! It had a big school feel but my degree program was smaller and felt more intimate. Baylor really helped me grow as a person because I truly felt known, both in the classroom and out. I met people who really wanted to get to know me and push me towards Christ, I didn’t have a high school experience like that at all. College was such formative experience for me in creating gospel-centered friendships and learning how to interweave faith with everyday life. As for where I’m going next, I’m not really sure. The world feels so huge right now and anything seems possible so within that vast expanse I’m trying to cover every moment with prayer. By my senior year of college it felt like I had just figured out who I was but now that I’m transplanted into a new city (even though it’s where I’ve grown up), I feel like a blank canvas once again. 


What was the transition been like for you leaving college and preparing for post-graduate life?

Well for the last few weeks of school I just had the “don’t think about it, just leave” mentality because I didn’t want to get emotional about everything, my baby sister is a Baylor student, too and we lived across the street from one another this year so leaving Baylor felt synonymous to leaving her. But overall, once again, a lot of prayer was involved. I originally thought that I was heading straight from undergrad into graduate school so I just kept thinking that school wasn’t really over yet. But when grad school didn’t work out for now, I started to realize that there was more to me than my education. So I began to dream big and dig deep to figure out the many facets of myself that I had limited before. I started journaling a lot more and reading a lot of books and really trying to figure out what my strengths were and how they could play out outside of college. God has really done so much molding in my life even in the mere days after graduation and I’m eager to see where He takes me next!

What has gotten you through the transition? 

There have been two main things that have gotten me through. The first is writing, I process things best through writing. In fact, I began writing publicly through my blog during a very anxious time in my life and became a sort of therapy to me, and that has been very beneficial to me in this time, as well. I have been so amazed by the online community in my life that came through blogging, it is so cool how much I feel like these online friends really know me even if we have never met in person. And the support and encouragement that has poured out during this transitional period has been so sweet and empowering!

The second thing is hope. Even though I wasn’t sure of what I was doing after college, I never dreaded the future. I think because I moved back to a familiar city, I felt like there was nothing I couldn’t do. I’ve never doubted that God’s plan for my life would be the best, I just wish he would give me a sneak peek. ;) This end of college also marks the end of a 2 year long-distance chapter in my life with my boyfriend, so it has also been a sweet time of looking forward to living in the same city and getting to spend time together in person! 

Words of wisdom?

Don’t be afraid to dream. For a long time leading up to graduation and getting ready for the real world, I felt limited by my degree, like there was an invisible boundary saying ‘you have to do this for the rest of your life’ and for a lot of people, that is the case and that might even be true for me. But don’t let it stop you from cultivating other dreams. Even if you love what you do, dream bigger! I’m not sure what that dream looks like for me because I’m in the process of dreaming but don’t let where you are stop you from dreaming big.

Change the way you pray. When it felt like every door was being slammed in my face in regards to plans after college, I realized I needed to change my prayer from “what next?” to “what now?” I’m learning to pray in the moment, every morning becomes “Okay Lord, what today?” It is SO hard for me to let go of my plan but God is doing a great job of prying the reins from my hands and I’m so grateful for that. 

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