Did you enjoy your time with Erin in Minnesota on Monday? Today I'm taking you a bit farther north into the Alaskan Bush! Amy from Lovely Does It captured my attention months ago when I stumbled upon a post about her life in the bush. Since then I've followed along faithfully with her story and she is the real deal. I know you will be blessed and inspired by her not-so-ordinary life in the Alaskan Bush.  So without further Amy...Tell us briefly about your story.


Hi, my name is Amy- and I am totally honored to be coming over from the blog Lovely Does It to share on Leia's space here. She is a beauty, whose creativity and heart for the Lord and her husband inspire me so often. And, while I am totally jealous that she is in Spain right now, I am super happy for her, and can't wait to see photos of the trip!

A really quick intro on me would be: I am a 22 year woman who is totally in love with Jesus, seeking to know Him more each day- all the while being totally in love with my husband. Right now we are living the adventure in the bush of Alaska. I love coffee, good books, photography, travel, telling the story that God is taking me on, journaling, hiking, and learning to be a good cook.


How did you wind up in the bush of Alaska?

My husband has been living in Alaska for almost 2 years now. I just recently moved up here when we got married in January. We live off the road system, so my husband works for an air taxi here in the hangar doing an apprenticeship to get his airplane mechanic's license. It's a great fit for him, and we are hoping to pursue aviation mechanics and flying as an avenue to serve missionaries in bush locations someday overseas.


What was the transition from life in the lower 48-states to life in the Alaskan bush like for you?

I was raised in rural Nebraska...but that is pretty different than bush Alaska. There is a runway for small engine aircraft here, and that's how we get around. All travel is by plane. There are mountains, and about 165 other people, and that's all. It's a pretty different lifestyle for sure- and some days, it's been a hard transition. Most people living here are used to the lifestyle- so as a new comer who doesn't quite know how life works out here, it can be really hard to break in. During the winter when it was really cold, I would often feel super cooped up and it was hard not having anywhere to go just to take a break from our tiny 240 square foot house. I love coffee shops, libraries, shopping, and local events just as much as any I definitely missed that a lot at first.


What got you through the transition?

The biggest things that were helpful in my transition were my husband's encouragement, and the realization that living here involves a lot of time in God's creation, and a lot of time getting to know people- and NOT a lot of time caught up in the busyness of a long commute, standing in line at the grocery store, or always spending money at Target or Starbucks. Time in God's Creation, and time with people are two really valuable things, and most of the time those aren't things that Adam and I regret doing. Hiking, or just being outside is such a beautiful way to remember God's character, and to be thankful for who God is- and then being with people is a beautiful chance to invest in relationship and to build community. I am thankful for these things, and having that perspective sure does make it easier to live in a strange place when you can remember what is really important.


Words of wisdom?

In transitioning to a new place- I would say definitely be ready to give yourself grace. It's hard to transition, and there's no getting around that. Give yourself grace and patience, and know that it's going to take TIME to settle in, to feel comfortable, and to build close relationships.

Throughout my travels, moving to new places and setting up shop in different states, countries, and now in Alaska- one thing that has been totally precious to me is just a FEW consistent things in my life.....waking up each morning to have coffee, time with Jesus, and time to journal about all the different thoughts and emotions of life. Those are things that you can do and have no matter where you live. Keeping those things close and a focused priority can really help in transitioning. Now you may not be a coffee lover or a journaler like I am....but definitely let transitions in your life be a time to draw you closer to the Lord. He never changes, He never fails us, and He desires that very best for us. All beautiful promises to cling to in times of change.

Thanks SO much Leia for letting me take over your space today! I loved getting this chance to share a bit about my Alaskan life with your readers! Hope your vacation is amazing! If you are interested in reading more about Alaska, or my daily adventures of trusting God and finding joy in the everyday.....join me over at Lovely Does It, or follow me on social media!