Hello from Spain! We're just a few days into our family vacation, but I've gone ahead and lined up a few interviews to share with you all this week. While I travel abroad, you'll be traveling from Minnesota all the way up to the Bush of Alaska and back south to the great state of Texas!  Let's start your travels in Minnesota. The lovely (and now real life friend of mine!) Erin Nausin from In The Midst is sharing with us today! In the last year she's married, moved cities, taken on the roll of pastor's wife, and started her own business. I've asked her to share more about this season of life. So without further Erin...


Tell us briefly about your story?

Well hey! I'm Erin, husband Jeremy, we live in small town Minnesota this year while he does a pastoral internship and I run a graphic design business. I graduated college three years ago with a degree in Spanish and Public relations. Afterwards, I spent a year in the Honduran backwoods volunteering at a kid's home. I worked at a financial firm when I came back up until our wedding last August when we moved cities for Jeremy's internship. It's definitely been a whirlwind but we feel super blessed to be in the season of life that we're in.

How did you wind up pursuing creative endeavors and how do you support your husband in ministry while pursuing your own career? 

Graphic design has always been a hobby, but this year has really allowed me to pursue that in a more professional way. It's been a huge learning process doing the whole start your own business thing, but I feel really blessed to be able to do what I love as a job. Pursuing that takes a lot of sacrifice as you can imagine, one of which is holding several other part time jobs to support our household and a growing new business.

As far as Jeremy's ministry goes, I play a bit of the Pastor's Wife role and have worked hard to keep that in balance with everything else. I only make church commitments that I am excited and able to be a part of. We both make a big effort to be as much of a presence and help in our home life with each other as we do in our work life. Sometimes, drawing boundaries, shutting computers, and spending some real, face to face time with each other (or teaming up to fold the laundry) can make a world of a difference.


What was the transition from single life to married life like for you?

I hesitate to say this but the transition to married life has felt really really easy (so far!). While we were dating, we spent a lot of time hashing out stuff that wasn't so easy and maybe stuff that we didn't agree on. Marriage is a lot of hard work but I think we eliminated a lot of the surprises by being open and real with each other beforehand.

What got you through the transition?

Lots of grace and communication. We have such different needs as people that it took many conversations to figure out that sometimes he just needed to be alone and watch a game at the end of the day and I needed to talk and spend quality time. Finding ways to do both in balance has been really helpful.

Words of wisdom?

  1. Let grace be your default -- give more than you think you can and accept it just the same.
  2. Especially in ministry, it's easy to feel like you're living in a fishbowl. Know that it's okay to keep some things a "just you and me" thing and maintain healthy boundaries that way.
  3. Date nights, people, date nights.

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