For the past month we've been moving at lightening speed. We've traveled across states and countries, camped in state parks, rode trains in Spain, hosted friends at our home, and packed and repacked more times than I wish to count. I've captured many of these days in my personal journal. Some stories I plan to share, the foods we tried, relationships that were grown, and places we explored. Others I plan to tuck away into memory books to be shared just by those nearest to our lives.

I realized something profound (for myself) amongst all our travels this month. As my computer remained safely tucked away at home, powered off, my words flowed more fluidly then ever on the pages of my simple black notebook. My yearning to capture our stories grew stronger with each day that passed without a computer. I fell in love with writing. I found my voice in the pages of my notebook. No longer muddled by the mirage of voices online or feeling the need to compete, compare, or achieve. I felt only the simple desire to write. The need to document our families lives. This unique and beautiful season we find ourselves within.

This is where French Writer, Gustave Flaubert entered the scene. Along with writing, I've also immersed myself in the the likes of writers Anne Lamott, Gustave Flaubert, and Vanessa Diffenbaugh.  Their stories, both fictional and true, have invigorated my passion for telling stories that are all my own.

And for now, I plan to remain in these sweet, passionate, black notebook moments. We're preparing for another trip, a very long one to be exact, and I am putting zero pressure on myself to post in this space during our time away. I don't plan to stop writing, I'm hoping the pages of my notebook will be filled by summers end, but it will remain more quiet than usual in this space. When I return in July, I have so many stories and photos I wish to share with you, a new site to unveil, and I'll be back to writing on a more predictable schedule.

Until then, "Be steady and well-ordered in your life so that you can be fierce and original in your work."

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