Day 28 | 8 Newsletters Worth Your Time

On Monday I shared that I maintain a separate email account for newsletters and blogs I subscribe to online. You can read more about my reasons why over here. But today I’m thrilled to share 8 Newsletters worth your time and email space to subscribe to. I’m rather picky when it comes to anything that comes regularly in my inbox and I can say confidently each of these newsletters encourage, offer fantastic advice, and are references I return to as I’m writing. I encourage you to check them out yourselves. Try subscribing for a month, see if their content is useful for you, if it is, awesome, if not simply unsubscribe and move on!


Each of these brands delivers on writing inspiration at least weekly and if you’re lucky more than once a week. Their emails are brief, overflowing with questions to turn your creativity into actual writing, and helpful even for the details like grammar and editing. 

// Braid Creative

// Elembee

// Copyblogger


Looking for creative business owners who are honest about the process of owning your own creative business? Rebecca, Amanda, and the fun creative duo at The Wonder Jam provide you with real-time tools to starting, maintaining and growing your own creative business. And they’ll even give you an insider’s perspective from their very own businesses. Even if you’re not in the business of starting businesses, their resources are immensely helpful for writers who blog or publish their work. 

// Rebecca Smith

// Amanda Genther

// The Wonder Jam


I’m always encouraged when I see these newsletters arrive in my inbox every Thursday. Jessi and Hayley share from their hearts, sharing what God is teaching them in this season, and sharing the men and women on the internet who are showing up and writing compelling work. If you’re looking for an end of week pick me up these are your ladies. 

// Naptime Diaries

// The Tiny Twig