Day 16 | In This Season

Another week has passed since our previous exercise writing together. Today's prompt, if you'd still like to join along, is "In this season...". You'll find next week's writing prompt at the bottom of the post. 

In this season we're celebrating three years of marriage and to be honest we almost forgot our anniversary entirely. We both remembered the night before, both forgot cards, and we've never really done fancy gifts, but honestly our celebration last night with chinese take-out, in our sweats, chatting at home, felt so like us, exactly how we would choose to celebrate these three sweet years we've had together. With each passing year we seem to see new pieces of the puzzle fitting together. God reveals, in His timing, beautiful parts about one another we certainly knew not on our wedding day. These sweet, quiet, intimate celebrations are such fun reminders of how truly incredible this whole marriage deal really is. 

In this season God has worked in tremendous ways in our ministry to college students. I no longer carry a shred of doubt that He works boldly with or without me - but I am astounded that by His grace He has chosen to use me in His Kingdom to lead women on the college campus.

In this season I feel lighter. Lighter than I've felt in many months. I feel a freedom that I know has always been offered, but that I so stubbornly resisted against. The freedom we have in Christ is real. It floods every moment of every life surrendered to Christ. The living out of John 15, truly living and abiding in Christ, is the most wonderful promise we have been given!

In this season we've not had a free weekend, but rather our home has been filled with coworkers, friends, and family. Chili has stewed on the stove with warm breads in the oven and apple crisp has returned as a staple special night dessert.

In this season I've seen the internet work for good, for His Kingdom, His good. He's grown a cross-country community of women who join me weekly in praying for each others lives, celebrating life's praises, and sharing in one another's struggles. He's connected me to Amy, Rachel, Kailey, and Erin...women who I otherwise would never had the sweet blessing to know. 


What is on your mind and heart in this season?

Next Week's Writing Prompt \\ Write about someone you admire in your life?