Day 17 | Meet Carissa & Bethany

How are you doing? Are you feeling the weight of a stressful week at work or home? Are you excited for your weekend plans? My family will be coming into town this weekend. It's been more weeks than I wish to count since we've seen them and I'm hoping the sunshine will pop out of the rainy weather we've been experiencing all week to allow for a trip to an orchard and maybe a hike around the local state parks. After a work week that's felt rushed and constantly two-steps behind, I'm looking forward to stepping away, getting outside, and enjoying a few long meals around the table with family.

Wherever you're coming from, today's featured writers will certainly be a balm for your week. I've selected these women for their writing and all around beautiful personalities on the web. I've featured them because of their honest and authentic approach to writing. Both women speak beautifully into the roles of motherhood, marriage, and owning small businesses. They maintain faith as the basis for all they do. And they're honest in the struggles they walk through, both presently and in their past. These are two women I am continually encouraged by in their writing and I hope you will be too. 

Featured Pieces | Part Three

Cloistered Away by Bethany

Carissa Graham by Carissa Graham


Have a wonderful weekend friends!