Day 22 | Best Writing/Creative Conferences

We've talked writing books, writing websites, and today we're going to get off the internet and commit to real-life writing experiences together. Today we're talking writing conferences and events that come highly recommended.

Prior to September I had never attended a 'blogging/creatives' conference and looking back I don't know what took me so long to take the conference plunge. The conferences and writing experiences I've listed below come recommended from multiple sources. I have attended The Influence Conference (and will be next year!!! Join me?), while the other conferences and writing experiences have been highlighted by men and women, great writers, who I have tremendous respect for and believe in their recommendations. I hope to attend any number of these in the coming years.

The Influence Conference

Happening every September in Indianapolis, Indiana, the 4th Annual Influence Conference is making some exciting changes that I think will provide you with real and tangible goals to grow as a writer, in the Influence God has given you. Next years conference will focus on equipping women in their passions, their projects, and in the places God has called them to. This past conference I walked away being challenged by Lara Casey to stop being controlled by my fears, Jen Lula shared her knowledge on working with brands that support your writing and fit with your voice, Whitney English shared how she utilizes Instagram to grow her audience, and Jessi Connolly and Hayley Morgan brought it all back to the most important component of everything and anything we do; building His Kingdom and not our own. Tickets are on-sale today.

Storyline Conference (& Storyline Writer's Workshop)

A powerhouse event for writers, creatives, and truly any individual looking to find clarity, get inspired, develop a plan, and connect with new friends (don't we all want that?). Storyline Conference brings together many authors and former publishers you may already know; think Donald Miller, Michael Hyatt, Shauna Niequist, and Bob Goff for a two day conference experience. Held in Chicago, this conference even boasts a "pay what you can" option making it available to almost anyone. The 2014 conference is actually happening next week, but tickets are still on-sale. I'm staying tuned for 2015 dates in the coming months!

Making Things Happen

On my dream list of conferences to attend one-day is Lara Casey's Making Things Happen Conference. I experienced a 2-hour preview of what this event entails during The Influence Conference and I can say without a doubt it would be worth the every penny if you were able to swing attending this conference (This is a conference that requires budgeting for well in advance!). During the conference you'll be asked to lay it all out on the table with a small group of women in order to get at the core of who you are and what makes you come alive. Then in a very real well you'll act on that core. I've heard from women who have attended and in very real ways have witnessed the change in their creative habits and success from attending this conference. 

The Yellow Conference

The Yellow Conference is a gathering for creative women who desire to ignite passion and bring goodness to the world through everyday living. This conference seems like a beautiful balance between inspiration and practical action steps for turning your passions into more than lofty dreams, but into reality. What I love most about this conference is their emphasis on fighting for goodness and love in the world and how we can use our unique passions to tangibly pursue that cause. The next event will be held August 27th & 28th in Los Angeles, CA. 

Hope Spoken

While not a conference specifically for writers or creatives, Hope Spoken is a women's conference celebrating the hope we have in Jesus and speaking our stories to bring glory to His name. The focus of this conference is Jesus and making Him more known in our lives and I personally believe this means everything as a writer to my writing. You will leave this event encouraged that you truly are enough, that your passions, words, and creativity can be used for the Lord, and very much experiencing His love and grace in your life. Tickets are already sold out for the March 2015 conference, but keep watch in April for 2016 tickets!


I know this is by no means a comprehensive list, what writing/creative conferences are you hoping to attend?