Day 23 | Writing About Food

Today marks the third writing prompt of October and I have brief (and out-of-the-box) interruption scheduled to share with you! 

I'm over at Oh Simple Thoughts today, sharing our families favorite, whole food recipes, that don't have 2,000 ingredients or require a sous chef to complete. While writing about food is not a regular component of my writing, Rachel and I have connected in many ways over the past six-months and 'slow' eating happens to be one of those. She's a woman I truly respect for her authenticity, faith, and strong commitment to her values both in her off and online life. So while writing about food is out-of-the-box for my personal writing I took on this project as a wonderful opportunity to grow in writing for new genres and because I have established a wonderful relationship with Rachel. Are there opportunities that may seem out of your comfort zone but may be just what you need to challenge yourself in your writing?

I hope you'll join me today over at Oh Simple Thoughts!


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