Day 29 | The Inspired Series

Long before I committed to writing for 31-days in October, a new friend, Anna from Banana Grove Designs, approached me about participating in her Inspired Series. Each week, for the past two months, Anna has invited guest bloggers to focus on a different character quality and write about a person in their life that inspires them to live with that month's character quality. Being a words lady, I jumped at the opportunity to join Anna in this series.

We are more courageous than we lead ourselves to believe. Courage is defined as the ability to do something that you know is difficult or dangerous - and don’t we all experience difficult circumstances in our lives? For some of us courage can be as simple as getting out of bed each morning to show up at a job that we’ve been called to do, but struggle to find the muster to give it our all. For others courage may reveal itself in more exciting ways, like launching a new business, deciding to start a family, or moving to a new city. Courage has many faces friends.
— Leia Bryn, Inspired Series

Today, I'd be thrilled if you joined me over at Banana Grove Designs as I share about the character quality "courage". You'll find I've chosen to write about someone very close and special to myself. Someone who has exemplified courage in profound ways. And while I've very much enjoyed writing about writing for the past month, today's post gives you a small taste of my writing to come following this series!

Have a wonderful Wednesday friends!