In This Season...

In this season we've settled into rhythms I've quite enjoyed for our family. Rhythms that have unfolded into lamplit evenings, fresh apple crisp after dinner, the return of our favorite shows (Elementary has become our recent favorite) and reading while burrowed under sweaters, blankets, and SmartWool stockings. 

In this season the snow has already begun to fall. And whilst none has stuck just yet, the temperatures warrant the pulling out of all hats, mittens, winter jackets, and the like. The leaves have all but fallen and in their place are wind whipped branches, grey skies, and the slightest scent of winter on it's toes. 

In this season I'm spending more time mending and tending to the internals rather than stretching too far outwards. Too many fears have settled there way into my mind and my heart lately. And they just need addressing and eliminating. Carolyn's words have become balm for my soul, "There is no grace for our imagination. That's why our fearful imaginings produce bad fruit: anxiety, lack of joy, futile attempts to control." Mending and tending friends.

In this season I'm practicing compassion over competency. Choosing to set aside the checklist for real-life conversations. Putting aside the distractions and lust for the elusive success and putting forward a charge to love others well, to love my family well, to love myself well. Finding my best example for compassion right over here. And altogether recalibrating the balancing between doing and living. 


What are you doing In This Season?