Day 12 | Behind the Scenes

Last week I was tagged in the "Tour Through Blogland" series that's been going around the blogging community, so I'm taking some time within my 31 day series "31 Days from Writing to Writer" to participate! I love this series for the opportunity to share with you the behind-the-scenes look at my writing process in the midst of a 9-5 job and for the chance to highlight some of my favorite creative women around the web.

Who nominated me?

Rachel Cox, blogger at Oh Simple Thoughts, Etsy Shop Owner, and recent seller of what I hear is some pretty stellar sourdough, so kindly nominated me last week. Rachel and I met through the Influence Network in late spring 2014 and over the course of just a few months we've found far more in common than just the network.

What am I working on?

I began blogging back in March of 2013, but within the past six-months I've rebranded and refined the direction I plan to take my blog. Ultimately over the past year I grew to love writing and began to view this space as a place to curate my families story, you can read more about that over here. So getting back to what I'm writing/working on now, I'm currently working through a #write31days challenge - 31 Days from Writing to Writer. My dream for the series is to encourage others to show up confidently to write or pursue whatever their creative habit may be. I'm dreaming of the day when we each can show up to write and create and not feel drowned by the myriad of voices or the abundance of "how-to's" that flood the web. I'm also working behind the scenes, dreaming up a few projects and directions I'd like to take my blog, but those aren't quite ready for public eyes.

From 9-5 Monday through Friday I work full-time for an International Missions Organization in their campus ministry department. As passionate as I am about writing I love even more the opportunity to share Christ with college students and disciple young women as they grow in their walks with the Lord. 

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

To be honest, I don't take blogging too seriously. Prior to my rebrand, I constantly struggled with showing up and coming up with compelling content. I would hop on Pinterest or Bloglovin and consume every "must-read" post on how to blog and would then try to replicate those tips on my own site. It was exhausting. It was forcing me into a box I would never fit. And my writing suffered for it. Today, I blog for the sheer enjoyment of growing as a writer and connecting with an incredible community of bloggers, entrepreneurs, and handmade-business owners. If you stick around you'll find that I write far more stories about the everyday moments of our lives than I do about being an expert in just about anything. 

Why do I write/create what I do?

I write because I love to create. Whether painting, sketching, refinishing furniture, or writing personally and publicly, my hands and mind recharge through the creative process. My introverted personality reaches the end of the day and the most enjoyable task is often one that involves creating something out of nothing. And thankfully I married a man that encourages my creativity and leaves me space to create (he also joins along when he can for some pretty fun projects!).

How does my writing/creating process work?

Because I work a 9-5 (often more like 9am-10pm) job in the missions field, my writing process happens in the early morning hours or during my free evenings and weekends. I would call myself a morning person and I'm currently in the process of realigning my writing and morning habits to start each day writing. Ideally I like to wake up well before I have to leave for work. I like to start my morning with coffee and time in the Word and then move into my writing (with more coffee in hand). If you observed me working you'd find I prefer to write in my moleskin journal if time allows. I often don't immediately post these writings to the blog but return to them at a later date, make edits, and publish. I maintain a loose editorial calendar for the blog but I'm not afraid to scratch a post if I haven't found the words. For those days when I'm stuck in a creative rut - this book and it's exercises I find to be most helpful.

Who am I nominating?

Erin Nausin from In the Midst

Katherine Henson from From Me to You

Kailey Rogers from Living In The Rain