A Minimalist's Wardrobe | Getting Started

In October 2012 we said goodbye to our first apartment as a married couple. It was the last time we lived in the same home for more than six-months at a time until February 2014. 

Over the course of those two years many of our belongings resided boxed in storage units or in our parents basements. Only the necessities followed us on our four short-term and temporary moves. We lived only with the items we needed in order to thrive in our day-to-day routines. 

We settled into our current home somewhere in the chilled weeks of late February 2014. As the process of unpacking began we were surprised by all the items we had nearly forgotten existed. Many of these items never made it past the threshold of our door in Milwaukee and quickly found themselves back in the car on a trip to Goodwill or the nearest donation center. 

Having lived with less for nearly two years we couldn't possibly fathom our use for so many of our previously cherished possessions. The same rang true for our closets, and although I now had all of my clothes at my availability, I still remained drawn to the handful of items I had kept accessible over the previous two years. 

I'm thankful for those two years when living with less was our only option, but I realize most won't be forced into the process. Most will have to make the choice to alter their lifestyle and consciously and daily make decisions that align with their values. It will take time and the consistent re-forming of old habits, but I hope that's where we meet today. At a place where we're ready to talk about it together, not feeling judged for having more or less than another, or for choosing a different path than another, but rather opening up an honest conversation about living out the values we've set individually for our families. 

As I share about my minimalist wardrobe I feel the need to lay some groundwork. First, I'm not a fashion blogger and no worries about this becoming a space solely about fashion. Writing about my wardrobe is not about the fashion, but is about refining and living out our values, stewarding our resources well, and loving exactly who God created each of us to be. Two, I'm writing about my wardrobe to share one way our family has chosen to live out our values, but it is definitely not the only way and there are many values others may find more important - that's fantastic! I hope that as I write about this specific value it will encourage and spur you on in your own. And lastly, I want us to have some fun together, to pray together against comparison, and to encourage one another as a community using the hashtag #rethinkmywardrobe. 


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