In This Season...a special edition

In this season I'm feeling the weighty magnificence of a Savior and Lord who came in humanly form, yet was entirely divine, and took on a punishment He never deserved for me, for you, and for all of humanity. This month my mind keeps spinning with the significance of the season. For the first time, maybe in forever, my mind feels not weighted down by the gifts to by or decorations to hang, but heavily on the days leading up to the story, the birth, the gift that propelled in motion the greatest gift ever received. 

In this season my decorations remain boxed. For the third year in a row we're going it treeless. And our gifting has been carefully budgeted and planned for all year. There's no black friday or cyber monday splurging, no sale so great we cannot say no, and a heart that is still learning to be okay with it all. A heart that wavers (in what feels almost constantly) between believing what I want is truly what I need and knowing what I need is truly what I already have. 

In this season while the urge to buy, and hang, and participate in all the things is strong, a book, a few wise women, and a devotional continue to offer redirection when my purposes go astray. When I'm caught up by the flashing signs, sales, and must-do Christmas lists let the Word of God, the wise counsel of others, and the discernment and instruction of scripture guide this season.

In this season we have the opportunity to truly celebrate! Celebrating this season is a beautiful honor. An honor to all who are in Christ. An honor available to anyone who desires to live their life surrendered to Christ. An honor because we would have nothing to celebrate if not for the life and death of our Lord and Savior. Through Him we have and continue to experience forgiveness, grace, mercy, and love (that and so very much more). I will certainly enjoy the nostalgia of the season, the events and gifts, but I would like to remain in celebration of the one who deserves all of me this month and every month.