The alarm sounds at 7:11am every Sunday morning. The time is entirely arbitrary, but has become synonymous with Sunday mornings so it remains nonetheless. 

I silently slip out of bed, needing slippers or socks as of late on the shivery wood floors, and proceed to make my way to the washroom. Many minutes later with fresh lavender washed skin, peppermint scrubbed teeth, and freshly made face and hair I emerge and settle into our kitchen. A fresh pot of coffee is made first, followed by whatever breakfast I'm feeling that morning; eventually with a cup in one hand and usually a bowl in the other I settle into my Sunday spot.

It's nearly 8:00am by now and Guy lays awake in bed meandering the morning news on his iPad. Our bedroom, just off the living room, with french doors between, lends itself to mornings spent together but yet in entirely separate rooms. Both enjoying a slow morning in our own preferred manner.

By now I've made myself at home in the corner of our sofa. Covered under thick wool blankets and throw pillows, I enjoy my coffee with my husband and our favorite show of the week, the CBS Sunday Morning Show. 

Eventually we'll make our way to church across town, but for these few quiet and solitary hours, with new sunlight piercing our home, we make no plans but to do what we've done every other Sunday since we've arrived in Milwaukee.

This is how we begin our Sabbath.


Do you have a sabbath? What are your favorite opportunities for rest in your week?