The Creative Weekly No.1

Writing about writing for 31-days awoke something inside me that I believe has laid dormant for much too long. From a young age, I've always been invested in the creative community. What started as a five-year old passionate about her finger paints, evolved into an elementary student and a pre-teen filling the pages of sketchbooks with floor plans, exterior elevations, and the occasional wedding dress of course. By high school I was exploring acrylics, watercolor, pottery, and the like. And even throughout college my schooling involved more time in studio than class. More time spent collaborating with classmates on theoretical designs of parks, schools, civic buildings, and even the occasional theater hall in the heart of broadway.

The creative community has been a part of me from the very beginning and the creative process engages my spirit at it's very core. It fires me up, it brings healing to the broken places that every week will inevitably involve, it's a process that connects me to the Lord in ways nothing else has. 

I've poured over the manner in which I can re-incorporate the creative process and community back into my life. One such manner will be in this space, every Friday, and I'm holding the structure very loosely for whatever creative evolution may occur. What you can expect is a weekly creative digest of sorts. A smattering of creative inspiration from both around the web and off the web, some creative exercises to fire up your right brain, and some of my own creative projects along the way. Let's begin with The Weekly Creative No.1!

The Weekly Creative No.1 - Documentaries for Creatives

I had another Weekly Creative planned ...until I was tipped off by Cup of Jo about the incredibly fascinating world of documentaries. That led me down a creative rabbit trail of sorts and a new found resource was added to my creative bank.

Creative inspiration can flow from within your individual creative field, but I've found stepping outside your field of expertise not only protects against copying ideas, but even opens you up to techniques, methods, and patterns you may never have discovered. Today, I'm providing you the opportunity to learn more about artists from a multitude of creative fields; think ballerinas, architects, product designers, graphic designers, and advertisers. You're forewarned these documentaries can be quite addicting!


City Ballet. Start today by diving head first into a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the New York City Ballet. I watched all twelve episodes of Season One in one evening and I've been dying for some free time this week to begin watching Season Two. At six-minutes or less an episode, City Ballet is the perfect dose of creative motivation without becoming all-consuming. Personally, I'm motivated by the immense effort, discipline, and heart each dancer puts forth in their field (we can truly do anything we put our heart into!). And did I mention it's FREE online!


Take a second look today at the words surrounding every part of your day. What do you see? What message do they convey? Helvetica will invite you to take a closer look at your surroundings; the typography, graphic design, and global visual culture that inhabits every area within the urban spaces of major cities. 

Milton Glaser: To Inform & Delight

Best known as the creator of the "I Love NY" campaign and for co-founding New York Magazine, Milton Glaser: To Inform & Delight is a fascinating piece revealing the personal life and creative depth of a remarkable artist. 


What's our relationship with manufactured objects, and by extension the people who design them? Objectified follows the creative processes of some of the world's most influential product designers and looks at how their products affect our lives. Everything from chairs, to toothbrushes, to technology are explored in this piece. It's simply fascinating!

Have any documentary recommendations for this documentary novice? I'm hooked and would love to hear your suggestions!