Starting Anew

Welcome to the NEW + very much IMPROVED site! 

I am so excited to finally introduce you to Leia Bryn. If you've made the leap from Becoming Bryn or you're entirely new here, welcome!

Becoming Bryn was the beginning of something far larger and more beautiful than ever anticipated. It awakened my passion for writing, for creating, and for fostering authentic community online. Much of what you'll find here on Leia Bryn will sound familiar, but I've been working hard behind the scenes this summer to refine and develop the future vision for this site. Here's what you can expect from Leia Bryn: 


Storytelling. My most cherished writing is candidly documenting the moments of our daily being. Hectic mornings, slow mornings, weeknights, weekends, travels, or talk around the dinner table. I think these moments are extravagantly beautiful because they represent the very unique, likely never to be exactly the same, present. As our world continues to move at an ever increasingly fast pace, storytelling asks me to slow down; to see God's goodness and greater story in the midst of it all. So yes, more storytelling is on the horizon for Leia Bryn.

Encouragement to be who God has created you to be. The blogging world is a noisy world. As an introvert I've struggled to find my voice amongst the sea of voices, self-promoting, and experts on how-to-do just about everything under the sun. I've felt the pressure to blog exactly how the experts tell me to, but if I'm perfectly honest, the way the experts blog will never be authentically me. I love blogging for the shear challenge of becoming a better writer. I love blogging because it has connected me to the most encouraging, growth spurring, truth speaking community. I love blogging because it fuels my creative spirit. So when I share women, stories, or brands that I love, I share because I am passionate about these things and I'm passionate about supporting quality, ethical brands and some pretty stellar women. So in addition to Storytelling, I'll be sharing my encouragement and journey to becoming the women God has created you and me to be.

And last, lets talk design, brands, and products. I may have left my position at an architectural firm, but my design mind has not left. Just peruse my Pinterest Boards and you'll find I have a very distinct style: modern, minimalistic, and white. I'm very much in the camp that less truly is more. Less means more time for relationships, more time for spontaneous weekend travels, and simply more time for actually living life. The designs, brands, and products I love (and continue to discover) have to fit into a family motto my husband and I have held since the beginning of our marriage, "does this maximize the fruitfulness and faithfulness of our family and ministry"? Keeping it real, I sometimes forget to ask that important question. And it's often in those moments that I arrive home with a bag full of cheap, low quality, had to buy it because it was on sale loot (never a great scenario, but it happens).

What I choose to share with you here in the design, brands, and products department will not fall into the latter category. Rather I desire to highlight brands, products, and designs that truly do maximize the fruitfulness and faithfulness of your resources and family... and give you a dose of creative inspiration too.

Most importantly, while I share stories, offer encouragement, and highlight designs, brands, and products, my focus first and foremost will always be Jesus, second my husband, and blogging falls somewhere down on my list. My relationship with Jesus cannot be separated from any part of my life, blogging included. I pray that this space is a space where Christ is revealed and glorified; making much of Him and less of me. 

I would love more than anything to connect with the community following along. If you're a long-time reader or brand new, drop a comment below, introduce yourself, ask a question, and share your blog or shop if you have one. I can't wait to 'meet' you all!


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