Travelogue | Joy in JFK

In May my husband and I joined his family on a 10-day trip to Spain. During our visit we travelled through four cities and over the course of the next few weeks I'll be sharing stories and images from our travels. If you have any questions about where we stayed, transportation, activities or where we ate, just drop a comment below!

Joy in JFK

A bit of turbulence completed our first flight. The pilot warned us to remain seated as if something mighty was about to shake the plane, but the hype was just that, and as we approached the runway, New York City appeared on the horizon. Buildings erupted out of the thick, almost yellow clouds that had settled into the crevices of the city.

Our journey would not be complete without my husband's shenanigans. The truly best of shenanigans. We descended our planes small stairs directly onto the JFK tarmac. My husband, in his true spirit, decided to descend and wave to his already departed family as if he was royalty departing from his private jet. Of course my naturally introverted inclination to go unnoticed had been thwarted, but even I couldn't help but laugh at the scene taking place. Even the stoic man walking behind me, his lip turned upward, and I'm quite certain he cracked an, albeit small, but most certainly smiling smirk. 

My husband, I've told you about him before, but he has an uncanny way of bringing joy into even the most mundane or downright dreadful moments in life (like the process of exiting planes in NYC).

As every other passenger tried to push and rush, contemplating their next step in their busy lives, exiting the plane with sometimes less than cheery spirits (myself included); my husband found a way to change even just one passengers mood. And with that the mood shifted. Once serious and rushed it was now light with a healthy dose of laughter. 

And so, another step into our journey, we entered the somewhat janky and old JFK terminal C with a bit lighter. Our next stop, Madrid!