Travelogue | Not Your Average Airport

In May my husband and I joined his family on a 10-day trip to Spain. During our visit we travelled through four cities and over the course of the next few weeks I'll be sharing stories and images from our travels. If you have any questions about where we stayed, transportation, activities or where we ate, just drop a comment below!


Day One | Departure

The air was stale with a scent not quite repulsive but not ideal to the senses either. It had been hours since we left home. Our first leg of the journey led us to our familiar Minneapolis International Airport, Terminal One. Upon arrival, after weaving our way through security, we dined casually on the most divine airport food I've ever consumed. Think crisp, rich greens with the most perfectly sliced and flavored beets, a dash of candied walnuts, and to finish, a thick and hearty glop of goat cheese. The texture so heavenly soft it melted in your mouth, melding with the vibrant intensity of the vinaigrette and fresh greens. 

Our conversation flowed lightly. Itineraries were discussed in not so much detail. Old vacation memories were relived. As I relished my last bite, talk shifted to the chocolate shop beckoning us over for a sweet finish to our lunch. Others selected coconut caramel apples, dark chocolate sea salt caramels, and the ever excellent choice of a plain dark chocolate candy bar. I had my eye on a childhood favorite, a weak spot of sorts, chocolate covered graham crackers. I selected just one (this was only just the beginning of vacation you know). As our treats were neatly packaged our flight was about to board.

It was the last day at home, but only just the beginning of our adventures.


Pictured above is my carry-on for our international trip. The bag is from Everlane. Shoes are Benisimon Sneakers and they are fantastic for slipping on and off throughout security. Notebook is my trusted Moleskin. The world's best, short ingredient list granola bars, KIND brand are great for long travel snacking. And the make-up/travel pouf is from Stella & Dot. **Some affiliate links used.**