August Goals

With summer came evenings that started a little earlier and ended a little later. Time moved a whole lot slower. And to-do lists were left at home for another season. Summer brought travels across the ocean to Spain, a quick trip to Sandy Dunes in Michigan, crazy humid weeks in Orlando, visits to our hometowns in Minnesota, and now finally back home to Milwaukee. And goodness is was all so very good!


But August, August begins a season entirely different and the shift has been difficult on our sun soaked shoulders and over-used flip-flops. With August begins the back-to-school season for our campus ministry. Our team left in May, June, and July for their summer assignments. Some stayed near, leading and ministering in Milwaukee, while others travelled across the U.S. and even some across the world. On Monday we'll reconnect and take time to hear about the Lord's work in the lives of many this summer. We'll take time to be together in community and to join in fellowship once again; and then we'll begin another school year together. 

It took only one day, Monday, for me to realize I'm going to need a plan if I'm going to make this post-summer transition with grace and a Christ-centered heart. A few goals are in order for the month. Goals with Grace as Hayley explains. Goals that ask me to be intentional with how I spend my time this month. In writing these out for you to see it's just an added measure of accountability. I'd love to hear your goals for August. Leave a comment, tweet, or tag me on instagram so we can make this transition into August (and dare I say fall?) together!

August Goals

  1. (Re)Establish a morning routine that includes time in the Word and prayer with my husband.
  2. Write 2-3 Blog Posts a week. I'm aiming for a consistent writing/blogging routine by the end of the month.
  3. Read one fiction and one non-fiction book. I'm thinking about this one for a non-fiction.
  4. Organize the storage room. Whoosh, it's amazing what can happen to a storage room in just a mere 5-months?!? 
  5. Order cloth napkins, hand towels, and reusable sandwich bags to replace commonly used paper and plastic products in our home. I'd love any suggestions or recommendations if you've already made the switch! I hope to write a post on this transition soon!
  6. Invite community into our home and truly do life with those in our new city. 

Now it's your turn! What goals have you set or will you set for the month of August. And if you're like most the world and August is still very much a part of summer, setting the goal of lounging at the lake is entirely appropriate;).