In This Season

In this season, we're enjoying our holiday weekend, which happens to coincide with our first entirely free weekend at home of the summer. 

In this season, I've taken to injecting rituals into my week that are purposefully slow. The kind of rituals that cannot be rushed. I've been kneading dough and simmering sauces that have been carefully wrapped and frozen for our semi-tradition of Friday night pizza. Batches of chocolate chip cookies are tucked away in the freezer for impromptu fall gatherings. And the mouth-watering scents of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger have been filling our home as we perfect our morning granola recipe. 

In this season, our morning routines are becoming more structured. Our slow summer mornings have given way to earlier schedules, deadlines, and meetings. So we've taken to having homemade granola on hand for quick and filling breakfasts and waking a bit earlier than we'd typically choose to spend intentional time in the Word individually and together. 

In this season, we're launching a new ministry reaching out to international students at two of the college campuses in our city. I for one feel vastly under-equipped for such a task and I'm utterly aware of my dependence on the Lord as we launch into this uncharted (and exciting) territory.

In this season, I finally feel confident in every piece in my closet. After culling through, donating, refining, and making a few new purchases, my closet is the smallest it's ever been with the most outfit options I've ever had. Getting dressed has never been easier (and more fun). I'm even considering reducing to even fewer pieces going forward.

In this season, I'm grateful for a month that was overflowing with house guests. Parents, college roommates, cousins, and coworkers. There was nothing fancy planned for any of the visits. We made homemade pizzas, ate cold sandwiches, biked around the city, played at the beach and walked along the lake. No structure. No fancied-up version of ourselves or our home. Just plain ole life at the Johnson's. Lived with the people we love so dearly.

What are you doing in this season?