Because God has given me Influence...

11 days ladies. 264 hours. 15,840 minutes until the 2014 Influence Conference!!!

I'm a rookie attendee captured by the vision that God truly has given me influence right where I am; in my home as I type words into blog posts and grow in marriage to my husband Guy and out into my city, as I interact with individuals from every culture, ethnic group, and nation. I have influence as an introvert, a wife, a missionary, a creative, and a daughter of the True King. 

What's one part of the conference I'm most excited about?

Attending The Influence Conference gets me excited for a few reasons. (1) The WOMEN. Goodness I am so excited to meet my online ladies in real life. To share a coffee face-to-face, stay up late chatting, wildly worship together, and debrief all the talks that I know are going to hit my heart in the best ways. If we haven't met yet I'd love if you'd introduce yourself in the comment section below! (2) The sessions. I honestly still haven't decided if I'll follow the Life or Strategy track, but regardless I know I will hear the gospel woven into every word spoken over the course of these three days. (3) And last, my roommates. Nothing could be more stretching as an introvert than to attend a conference where you've barely met an attendee in person and you're about to spend the next 72 hours with them...every hour. But my roommates, I feel like they are kindred spirits, women who have come alongside me for the past year online. I'm picking them up from O'Hare, meeting some in person for the first time, we're carpooling it together to Indy, and I am confident this will be a stellar weekend with these ladies by my side!

What's one thing I wouldn't leave home without?

Not counting my electronics, one thing I won't leave home without is my big ole' Bible, Moleskin notebook, and an army of pens. True fact, I killed four pens in a matter of days attending seminars this summer. I do not want to miss out on digging deep into the Word and capturing every last bit of the conference in my moleskin journal because of lack of writing utensils;). Also, I hear my Starbucks Gold Card will come in handy with a lovely little Starbuck's located in the hotel!?!

Now it's your turn. Are you attending The Influence Conference next week? Say hi below!

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