Day Three | Featured Writers

Her words rest on your tongue, sift in your mind, and begin to paint vivid pictures of a place you dream to one day visit. Within your mind the French countryside appears. Like a still life painting you begin to visualize the landscape, the inner workings of her home, and the playful laughter of her children in the background. Your stomach no doubt will begin to beckon as she wets your appetite with the culinary life of French cuisine. Oysters, fava beans, artichokes, strawberries, and honey each unravel into a delightful pairing of recipes available to make for your next gathering.

Mimi Thorisson, technically blogger, but I find more appropriately titled storyteller, weaves the seemingly ordinary moments in life and casts them into extraordinarily beautiful pictures. I have found no other writer who captures the essence of daily life with a more lovely language than the musings of Mimi. And now I share her with you and hope that you find her writing as delightfully intriguing and mesmerizing as I. 

Featured Pieces | Part One

Manger by Mimi Thorisson 


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