September Goals

September. Let's call it our "second" January. I spent the past holiday weekend packing away and organizing my summer attire and I replaced the holes they left with sweaters, boots, vests, and jackets. I spent Monday stocking the freezer with quick meals and treats for the duration of the fall. And The Influence Conference is unbelievably just weeks away! It feels as though routine has finally returned from it's summer vacation and I for one am not complaining. 

With this "second" January I'm taking a moment to step back and set some larger goals. Since moving to Milwaukee, Guy and I have been existing almost entirely in survival mode. We simply (and truly only could handle) putting one step in front of the other without much forethought for the long term. Now, entering into September, I can see we've turned a corner; from survival mode to thriving. Some fairly lengthy discussions were a part of that shift. They were the kind of discussions that are incredibly healthy for your marriage and ultimately direction setting for the coming months (and maybe even years). 

Together we've agreed upon goals that will require some immediate changes and others that we plan to implement over time. Some of our more immediate goals are reflected in my September Goals, while the ones we hope to implement over time I'll share possibly later in the future.  

But first let's review how I did on my August Goals:

  1. (Re)Establish a morning routine that includes time in the Word and prayer with my husband. It's a work in progress but the routine has been set in motion and I'll be continuing to establish these new rhythms into September.
  2. Write 2-3 Blog Posts a week. I'm aiming for a consistent writing/blogging routine by the end of the month. Not perfect, but consistency is slowly returning around these parts.
  3. Read one fiction and one non-fiction book. I'm thinking about this one for a non-fiction. Fail. I've read half way through Notes from a Blue Bike, but that's as far as I got in my reading. 
  4. Organize the storage room. Whoosh, it's amazing what can happen to a storage room in just a mere 5-months?!? DONE! And in the words of my husband "it feels so liberating to organize, toss, donate, and live with less."
  5. Order cloth napkins, hand towels, and reusable sandwich bags to replace commonly used paper and plastic products in our home. I'd love any suggestions or recommendations if you've already made the switch! I hope to write a post on this transition soon! Didn't even start this project, but as our current stock of paper products dwindles it's time to start researching and purchasing!
  6. Invite community into our home and truly do life with those in our new city. August was a GOOD month for doing life with family, old friends and new friends. I'm looking forward to continuing this trend into the fall.

September Goals

At Home

Heart Behind the Goals: To re-prioritize how we spend our time and money. We desire to be intentional now because each small step leads us closer to achieving our long-term goals.

  1. Continue to [Re]establish a morning routine including time in the Word, prayer, & exercise.
  2. Transition our home to paper/plastic free in regards to napkins, paper towels, and reusable sandwich bags. 
  3. Transition our store-bought cleaning products to homemade products. 
  4. Research and begin compiling a Recipe Book for our family.
  5. Be intentional with our calendar and protect against over scheduling. 

At Work

Heart Behind the Goals: To grow as a writer and as a leader in women's college ministry, but more importantly to be faithful to the places and/or persons God has lead me to and to grow in my walk with Him. 

  1. Write 3-Blog Posts a week.
  2. Prepare posts for 31 Day Series (I can't wait to share my theme with you all soon!).
  3. Walk forward as we launch our new international student ministry with a heart seeking to be faithful and open to growth, but not looking to control the fruitfulness which is dependent solely on God. 


What are your goals for September and/or the remaining months of 2014? Share in the comments below and/or link-up with Goals with Grace over on The Tiny Twig!