Travelogue | Nerja, Spain

We chose to sleep later than normal, opting for a 10am breakfast that included the sweetest watermelon slices and an oddly delicious fruit salad flavored yogurt. My sister-in-law, having spent months in Spain showed us the ingredients of a more traditional Spanish breakfast; fried egg, baked beans, sliced red tomatoes, thin strips of ham, and her favorite, banana yogurt with cocoa puffs poured over the top. And of course espresso in slender white cups and freshly squeezed orange juice accompanied each of our plates.

Well fed and awake we changed into our swimming attire and packed for an early afternoon at the beach...along the Mediterranean of all places?! The wind was strong along the beach that directly bordered our hotel, but my sister-in-law knew the perfect spot to tuck in, away from the whipping winds. A short 15-minute walk through the vibrant streets of Nerja, down a few rows of stairs, and across a crowded beach, we found ourselves tucked between two rather large rocks. The spot was the ideal amount of sun and shade.

My husband and I opted for the half shade, half sun, saving our skin from the perils of burning. He, along with each of his sisters and dad immediately took to the water and remained there for well over a half hour. When they were thoroughly pruned and chilled they came ashore and spent the next many hours soaking in the warm mediterranean sunshine.

When I found it unbearable to lay in the heat any longer I threw on my cover-up, moved my towel under the shade bearing rocks and took the opportunity to write. It's not often you have the opportunity to write viewing the expanse of the mediterranean. While everyone else around me slept under the mesmerizing rays of heat; I knew this would be a moment to record, likely never to be repeated in the same manner as that day.  

If you ever have the pleasure of visiting Nerja (which I certainly recommend), be sure to stay near the beach where you'll remain within walking distance to all the lovely shops and restaurants. This is truly a special spot, definitely more touristy than some, but simply charming with lovely weather (cool in the evenings and warm during the day), beautiful shops, and exceptional beaches.