Travelogue | Influence Conference Edition

Today marks a special edition of Friday’s Travelogue Series. Instead of crossing the ocean we'll be taking to the road and embarking on a short trip from Milwaukee to Indianapolis. I have the rental car booked, my Starbucks Gold Card is loaded for caffeine refueling, and I'm counting on a Chick-fil-A stop somewhere along the way. I'll be picking up Kailey and Erin at O’Hare. And I'm quite certain their company will make for one of the best road trips to date. 

Our travels together will ultimately lead us to four incredible days at The 2014 Influence Conference! And my post today, while entirely fun because it means the conference is just days away, is by no means the most important part of the conference. Think of it more as a guide so you won't arrive thinking, darn, I wish I would have packed that! We all know we could show up in sweatpants and ponytails and the gospel would be heard, hearts would be changed, and relationships formed. 

So in good fun, here’s my 10 must-haves for traveling to the 2014 Influence Conference!

Power Cord / Chargers - exciting right? But seriously ballrooms can be large and if you plan to utilize your phone, computer, and a form of technology you can never have enough spots to plugin.

Pens - I'm a stickler for a good pen and these Micron Pens are pretty amazing in varying weights and colors.

Notebook/Journal - any paper will do for note-taking during the sessions, but I've always been rather fond of Moleskin Journals and I'm sure there will be some fun journals for sale at the Sashes Market if you forget!

Scarf - I've been in one too many chilly ballrooms to know that a scarf can be a stylish and practical accessory.

Lipstick - no practical need here...just lots of fun!

Business Cards - you'll be meeting lots of new friends at the conference; having a business card to handout is the perfect way to remember names, blogs, and businesses of new friends even after the conference is over.

Mints - nough said;)

iPhone - because you're going to want to Tweet, Instagram, and Facebook all things Influence.

Waterbottle - probably my number one accessory I hate to forget when attending conferences. 

Tote - you'll need something to keep you organized throughout the conference. I personally love a cross-body bag so my hands are free for hugs, coffee, and shopping along the way!

And last, but not pictured is the Influence Magazine Conference Edition! It holds not only the conference schedule, but speaker bios, everything you need to know about the sessions and revivals, a list of Indianapolis restaurants, places to visit and see, and gorgeous sashes market peeks! Snag your copy today over on the Network!