When I Look Back on Fall...

My mind has been running rather slowly as of late and I haven't seemed to mind. It seems the chill in the fall air has my pace lessening rather than increasing. Or rather, fall has beckoned me to choose my time more wisely. If I desire to partake in the early evenings curled under a blanket with a cup or tea and my latest library find, or out selecting Honeycrisp apples at the local orchard, or even exploring the fall foliage along the shores of Lake Michigan, then I must prioritize how I'll spend my working hours. 

Summer felt chaotic and shuffled. Moving from one state to another. Each week’s routine impossible to match to another. But Fall brings routine back into our lives and with routine, rituals that somewhere got lost in the shuffle of summer adventuring and spring moves. 

I'm spending more time reading, writing, kneading, stirring, walking, and seeing, than I am consuming from the web, blog posts, twitter, and facebook. While my mind, the logical side of me, tells me the wise thing to do is say ‘yes’ to every wonderful opportunity that comes my way, my heart, the values side of me, is nudging me to think more clearly about what saying ‘yes’ will entail. How many hours will that project take you? What do you have to give up in order to write that guest post? When you look back on the fall what do you hope to have accomplished? What do you need to be saying ‘yes’ to in order to accomplish that picture? Or rather what must you be saying ‘no’ to? 

In all my questioning, when I look back on Fall: 

I hope to have experienced slow weeknight evenings with my husband, at home, with the television off, and a cribbage board or books out. 

I hope that our minds will have been filled with the texts from scripture in our mornings and our evenings open to praying for the hard moments revealed during the day. 

I hope to learn, grow, and develop as a writer both as I attend The Influence Conference, but also as I explore that term deeper in this space throughout the month of October. 

I hope for an abundance of baked apple desserts, pumpkin breads, slow simmering stews, and endless offerings of caramel for dipping. 

I hope we grow in wisdom and knowledge as we continue to lead an international student ministry and pray that we look back and see the very beginnings of relationships being formed. 

I hope for attending Saturday college football and fall festivals with family and friends.

I hope for a day (or a few) to celebrate three years of marriage with time to reflect back on the past and look forward to the future. 

I hope most all to look back and regardless of what of the above occurs or not, that we would reflect on how we spent our time and say ‘yes, this is truly living’. 


What are you hoping for this fall?