Day Two | Let's Write Together

If you're anything like myself, the first moments in writing, the ones where the cursor blinks wildly or the notebook looks blankly back at you, are the most difficult moments to press forward. Every fiber in my being would rather pull back, clean that forgotten corner of my desk, or pour another cup of coffee; anything to distract me from the void of words present in my mind. You wouldn't believe how many sentences I typed to begin this post before landing on these words. And while the words have gradually come more quickly as the days and months have passed, I am ever thankful for the occasional guiding nudge along the way. That leads me to our Thursday topic for the month (and your participation is encouraged)!

I invite you to join along every Thursday this month as we together explore our creative prowess and put pen to paper on the skills, tips, and exercises I'll be sharing over the course of October. Here's the (no-fuss) rules for joining along!

  1. Stop by every Thursday and find the writing prompt for the next week at the bottom of the post.
  2. Set aside time in your week to write, you choose your medium.
  3. Come back the following Thursday, drop a comment linking to your writing or just to share what you wrote about.

Most important, the goal of these writing prompts is to develop as writers and be stretched to grow in our writing styles. I'm planning to have a lot fun, keep it loose, and walk in the freedom that messy is okay, messy is progress, and messy is just another step along the way.

Introducing our 1st Writing Prompt of October (come back and share yours on 10/9)

In story format, write about a weekday you recently experienced.

Tips: You're sharing a story so think about your favorite storytellers. How do they utilize descriptive words? What tense do they use? How do they introduce the characters? And my favorite, how do they draw you into the story?