In This Season...

I want to first express my gratitude for your kind words and prayers on last Wednesday's blog post and Instagram. Thank you. My mama heart is overwhelmed by the love of this community and it's encouragement and prayerful support of our family during this difficult time. Thank you.

In This Season I am....

Beyond encouraged by our community of family and friends both off and online. We have felt the prayers pouring out from so many over the past three weeks and we cannot express enough our gratitude for everyones support of our family as we grieve our loss

Rewarding myself with my FIRST EVER massage this weekend. It feels like less of a reward and more of a step towards caring for my recovering body well. 

Deciding where I'd like to grow as a writer and how I'd like to utilize this space in 2015. I've found myself nodding in agreement with the thoughts shared by Bethany, Carissa, Shannan, and Emily. Do you feel it too? That freeing, deep, soul shifting breath?

Needing to grow in being intentional about the time I spend with the Lord each day. I've decided to change my mind and invest in laying the foundation this year by fully immersing myself into the Word to truly come to KNOW the Word.

Mapping out our calendar for the year and quickly learning that 2015 will be nearly as eventful as 2014 including moving closer to our church community and the campuses we serve on, staffing a 6-week student summer missions project in Jersey Shore, attending our all-staff conference in Fort Collins, Colorado, flying to Indianapolis for my second Influence Conference, and Lord willing, witnessing our family grow.

Stocking our home with foods, products, and words that encourage us to care for our bodies well. I made %100 Whole-Wheat Bread for the first time this week, a batch of our favorite homemade granola, and mixed up homemade whole-wheat pancake mix for those weeknights where breakfast for dinner is a comforting (and fast) option. 

Looking for a pair of black skinny jeans with a slight wash, mid-rise, and not saggy around the calves. Any suggestions?

Thinking about surrender and what it means for myself in 2015.

Dreaming about our move coming this April. While I strongly believe not even one of these items are essential, nor do they bring any greater happiness, I am thankful for and grateful that this next home (and hopefully the one we stay in for a while and begin our family in) includes a dishwasher, a washing machine and dryer, a garage, a yard, and three-season porch. There's space to grow in this home, appliances to maximize the fruitfulness of our family and ministry...

Loving the time I've spent this year learning yoga through Holy Yoga Ministries. Not only has it helped my aching body strengthen, it continues to speak healing into the grieving places of my soul. 

Marveling at God's creation of men and women from every tribe, nation, and tongue. Having had the opportunity to spend my past weekend at a conference where I was the minority, I am humbled how vastly wonderfully unique God has made His creation and hoping in 2015 I learn from my experiences this past weekend and grow in how I care for others regardless of our differences..  

Laughing with my husband. Deep, low, belly aching laughs. It's absolutely one thing we need at this time.

Realizing that although I no longer feel like the Leia I was in 2014, that's okay. It's okay that much has changed, that I've been forced to grow up just a bit more, that I've experienced what immense grief feels like, and most importantly that I've entered into an even deeper worship of God than known before.

Feeling immersed in solitude and rest. Asking in the name of Jesus that He would come and have His way in 2015.

What about you? What's currently on your mind in this season?