In the Third Trimester

Third Trimester | Leia Bryn

As I write, we are mere day(s), maybe even hours from welcoming our daughter into our home and lives. The carseat is installed, the hospital bags are packed, the diapers have been washed, our freezer is well-stocked with meals for the winter months ahead - from this point forward, we wait with eager anticipation for any sure sign of labor. 

Captured below are bite-sized moments of the third trimester. There is abundantly more that could be said and maybe in time it will - motherhood is an amazing journey!

Notes from the 3rd Trimester

  1. The transition from 2nd to 3rd Trimester was subtle. The blur of moving from summer to fall almost made us forget how soon she'd be here!
  2. It was more difficult than we imagined to land on a name and in the end we came full circle, selecting a name we maybe always knew we would choose. For now we hold the name between the two of us, but in due time we plan to share its meaning and significance with our family and friends.
  3. At some point in this trimester, even maternity pants became somewhat unbearable. Although they are made to stretch and grow, I've found myself gravitating towards my (now threadbare) sweats and my husbands (when mine can no longer be worn without a good soak). I'm incredibly grateful for dresses, Birkenstocks, and an Indian Summer Fall as my body has stretched and swollen with the passing months.
  4. Guy assembled the crib and dresser (and numerous other baby items) and our rocker, a gift from my parents, which arrived three weeks early, just in time for baby's impending arrival. I often find myself peaking in the nursery room throughout the day, rocking, and picturing what the years ahead may be in that quaint space that's all her own. 
  5. We celebrated, celebrated, and celebrated some more! So many women in our lives hosted lovely showers and we cannot possibly fully express our gratitude for all those that have generously helped us as we prepare for baby.
  6. In a (looking back) funny moment, we discovered that installing a carseat can indeed be more difficult than you would think to believe. After sitting in the van for well over 45-minutes staring and passing the instruction manual back and forth we gave up in frustration. Little did we know we were missing one little step, ever so largely labeled on the base (hello Johnson's!), and we can say firmly now we are ready to roll. 
  7. Our first order of cloth diapers arrived in the mail. They are the softest and I'm eager to see her little bum all tucked in them one day soon. We ended up going with Best Bottom Diapers per a recommendation from multiple friends. They may be an update on my thoughts in the coming months as they get there fair share of use. 
  8. Eating seemed to regress and will no outward affects were felt, my appetite dropped considerably. The shrinking stomach real estate has meant smaller, more frequent meals, and oddly enough a slight aversion to raw meat. 
  9. Sleep patterns remained the same up until the 8/9-month mark at which point frequent bathroom breaks and 4:00am insomnia set in as permanent parts of my nightly routine. On the plus side, it's meant lots of time for reading and making lists as my mind seems to run full speed in the wee night hours.
  10. Showers, hot showers, are by and far the most relaxing gift to a mother in her third trimester. 
  11. We participated in a "Bringing Home Baby" and "Natural Birth Class" in early September. Both classes have helped considerably in feeling well-informed and educated about these next days, weeks, and months ahead. I know there will be so much a class cannot and does not teach, but I'm immensely grateful for these learning experiences as first time parents.
  12. Braxton Hicks contractions have been happening throughout most of the third trimester, only recently increasing in there frequency and length. 
  13. Nesting has been in full force, especially in these final weeks. The house is clean, a few Goodwill trips have been made, everything has been organized and reorganized; I've even found myself crafting (of which I am truly not a crafter in my normal life) in this final month. 
  14. We took one Saturday a few weeks ago to make enough freezer meals to last us through much of the winter months (2-3 meals per week). It was my first experience in freezer cooking so we'll see what we end up liking and not liking for the future. 
  15. Lastly, as we know our daughters name, as we walk through every "is this labor?" moment, as we embrace a new season with me at home and no longer working side-by-side with Guy,  as we pray for the days and months ahead, we look back and see a gracious God and we look forward and see a gracious God. Never far from our minds is how 2015 began and never far from our minds is how 2015 may end. Two babies, one with us and one in heaven, both we cherish and love so deeply and both we celebrate. Our sweet daughter another picture of God's redeeming grace in our lives - giving us abundantly more than we could ever deserve.