02.15 Life Documented

WEEK 01 | February moved swiftly for our small family, but it began slowly with a weekend at my in-laws and by day two increased to lightening speed. For the majority of this week we attended a leadership conference in downtown Minneapolis. A place that brought waves a memories from the days working at the architectural firm. The skyways, traffic, coffee on every corner - I grew quite nostalgic spending our mornings and evenings traversing these spaces. There's something about the city that will always have my attention.

WEEK 02 | On Monday and Tuesday we both had time off from work and indulged in long-awaited rest while also preparing well for returning to work after so many days away at conferences in January. We spent more than half of January away from home in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Milwaukee. In our time off I began the book "Make it Happen" by Lara Casey, while Guy continued to read through his collection of C.S. Lewis novels. He read, I read, we discussed what we were reading and it was a sweet and calm respite in our month. We also managed to rent our apartment in preparation for our upcoming move in March and began the process of slowly culling through and donating, throwing, selling, and packing our belongings yet another time. It's a project we've come to thoroughly enjoy - knowing in the end what we bring in our home should bring value and quality to our lives not simply fill space for the sake of filling space.

WEEK 03 | Guy spent the weekend with his father and younger sister in Spokane, Washington this week - a trip his dad and him have been planning for almost four years. Their weekend included attending the long-awaited Gonzaga Basketball game, dining on his favorite meal of steak and fries, and exploring the beautiful city and surrounding areas. I think it's a precursor for many more father / son trips in the future. While Guy left for Spokane my mother flew into Milwaukee to keep me company. We shopped, had brunch at Milwaukee's famous Blues Egg and planned our upcoming family vacation together to Seattle in late-July. These are the weekends we wish to remember this year and the memories we hope to build into in the future.

WEEK 04 | The afternoon light was breathtaking as February came to a close. We relished the longer days and agreed that late winter sunsets are a mood booster to be documented as we rest in the doldrums of winter. It's fitting to see these spectacular sunsets piercing through our windows - February has turned a page in both our minds. One year exactly in Milwaukee this week, a milestone both physically, but felt more powerfully in our spiritual and emotional health. And yet, rather ironically, our apartment by now feels more temporary as the weeks have passed. Boxes remain stacked in the dining and guest rooms as we slowly fill them. It won't be long before we have everything neatly stacked in the moving truck. But for now we're documenting both visually and in writing the spaces and moments in our first home in Milwaukee.   


January 2015