Uncomfortable is Okay

It all began with one student, a senior, interested in starting a bible study on her campus. We met for the first time on a fall afternoon over coffee and tea - we dreamed together, she shared her vision for a ministry on her campus, I listened alongside and encouraged, and then we prayed. We prayed some more - and then we went to work. 

Our hands got dirty, our to-do lists grew, and for the 15-weeks of the fall semester a small community began to form. 

Uncomfortable is Okay | Leia Bryn

On a night just a few weeks back, we met again. This time around the weather warranted hats, mittens, and down coats that we carefully unfolded on the backs of our chairs as we arrived. It was no longer one student and myself though, rather this time there were eight women gathered around the table. Eating popcorn, sharing their highs and lows from the week, praying for the women around them, and engaging in a discussion on our spiritual blessings in Christ. 

Today our community that began with two, then eight, is now fifteen. 

These women mean so much to me and I'm only on the cusp of truly knowing them - their dreams, passions, and gifts. 

I do not share this story today without purpose. Rather these fifteen women and their growing movement still hang in the balance - waiting to see if the campus will approve their group, opening the doors for their community to grow or if the campus will bring to a halt their small, but mighty community. 

It's an uncomfortable balance I carry as I lead these incredible women. 

Launching anything new, building into new relationships, and investing time and resources into something that may very well crumble to pieces before your eyes is uncomfortable.

But I'm in this - I'm willing to feel temporarily uncomfortable to accomplish something that may be permanently amazing. 

I'm willing to go there. 

Like the fishermen, shepherds, and farmers throughout the Bible - ordinary people just like you and me - my uncomfortable is another area in my life I'm given the opportunity to surrender and trust that God's purposes are great. 

The price of not experiencing the uncomfortable is far greater than the temporary discomfort.

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