Where I've Been


The past week has been quiet here, I know. We found ourselves in the midst of skyscrapers, skyways, and traffic in the heart of Minneapolis for a work conference last week. It kept us away from home and the rigorous schedule precluded me from writing in the evenings. By weeks end we returned to Milwaukee - to a foot of fresh snow, to a mound of emails waiting for replies, and to our annual student men's and women's retreats waiting for their finishing details to be planned for Saturday.

While I take some time to regather my thoughts and reclaim my home following our travel here are a few particularly thought-provoking reads I've enjoyed from around the web lately. My hope is you find them encouraging and equally thoughtful as you begin your week.

An intriguing (and valuable) thought on not setting goals

Casey's writing was the one of the first places I turned to upon losing Keller - my heart breaks as she vulnerably shared last week of another loss, another life that deserves to be grieved. 

This is the first year I've ever considered being intentional about memory keeping and I've even set a few of my own goals for 2015.

Food for thought: the paradox of "stuff" and clutter in America. 

What do we really do with all the time we have saved?

We live a lot more of our lives in the story's development than we do at its beginning or end.