In This Season...Currently Edition

In this Season...Currently Edition | Leia Bryn

In This Season I am....

Beyond thankful for the brief respite from the cold and snow as we spend this week at the beach in Florida with our students. 

Reflecting on the Lenten season more thoughtfully than in the past. Faced with sin, brokenness, and both devastation around me and within me - for the first time I’m really understanding God’s grace and the glory of the Cross.

Deciding how to make necessary changes to my schedule so that the purpose for my work is aimed first at God's heart, which in turn makes me want to work a whole lot harder (Lara Casey). The most noticeable of the changes came in the form of re-prioritizing my schedule - identifying first what my priorities are, then arranging my schedule in a manner that balances those priorities without taking away from the most important - my relationship with the Lord, my husband, and community.

Needing a few summer pieces to round out my wardrobe. It's the last step in developing my minimal wardrobe and also the most difficult for a woman who prefers sweaters and boots over shorts and tees. In a week I'll be co-hosting an instagram auction to make way for these new pieces - be sure to follow along.

Mapping our summer adventures which will take us coast to coast this summer. We would love any recommendations for must-eat, must-see places in New Jersey, New York City, Colorado, and Seattle!

Stocking my beauty supplies with a few new favorites. This tinted moisturizer in combination with this lotion has turned my morning routine into a less than 2-minute ordeal.

Looking into a new swimsuit as we'll be spending six-weeks of our summer along the Jersey Shore. I'm drawn to this.....

Thinking back on our first Milwaukee apartment and earnestly trying to document both visually and written the experiences we've had in this home before our move at the end of the month. Just a handful of moments off the top of my head include starting new jobs, refinishing our furniture, biking our new city, learning how to clean those pesky hardwood floors, adjusting to the no outlet, no fan bathroom, laying in our master looking out at the city from our curtainless windows, discovering we were pregnant, and also grieving our loss of Keller. It has been our home for only one brief year but it already holds so many memories.

Dreaming about the #whole30 chicken salad we discovered last week. 

Loving the books I've been reading this month. They include Make it Happen, The Art of Hearing Heartbeats, Kinfolk Magazine, Deeply Rooted Magazine, and How People Grow

Marveling at my husbands diligence and heart to memorize scripture - and challenged to grow in imprinting scripture on my own heart. 

Laughing at the amount of pork products now resting in our freezer. We bought a 1/4 of Hog this past spring and it was delivered a few weeks ago - in which we promptly had to go and purchase a chest freezer to store. 

Realizing it's already March (mid-March by the end of the week) and I've not yet entirely tired of the cold and snow. I've actually enjoyed how it has a natural way of nudging into our homes with nothing but time to read, watch movies, and write.

Feeling stronger and motivated to grow in my yoga practice with Holy Yoga Ministries. While still so new and clumsy, I'm beginning to witness my body do things I never thought possible. 

What about you? What's currently on your mind in this season?