Monday Happenings

We have a broken down jeep and an impending move in two-weeks that's taken over our current home with boxes - all while continuing to recover from our nine-day missions trip with our students last week. Needless to say I'm short on words this morning, but not without inspiration from a few writers around the web. Have a wonderful Monday friends! I'll be back shortly after a few extra hours of sleep and some progress made on the car and packing.

How long have I got left?

Living Authentically.

Email guidelines for the world. 

Why we avoid self-reflection.

p.s. Join myself and six incredible women as we host an Instagram Clothing Sale beginning this Wednesday and running through Saturday. Each day a different genre of clothing (i.e. shirts, pants, shoes, accessories) will be posted and sales will run 8am to 9pm (EST) with winners announced at 9pm on the day of sale (EST). With over 100+ items from seven different closets there are a variety of styles and pieces to be had all selling auction style. You can follow our sale on Instagram and read more about the heart behind our sale here. Hope to see you there!