03.15 Life Documented

Some months come and go with interruptions that inhibit me from staying on pace with regularly scheduled posts. March and April were those kind of months for our family. Although we're already well on our way into May, I'm stopping to look back and document our March. Join me later this week for regularly scheduled posts again...and excuse me as I'm light on photos and heavy on words this month.

WEEK NO.1 | March surprised us with the most lovely sunshine, even as the temperatures hunkered well below freezing. I wouldn't describe many of our weeks as average, but maybe, just maybe this would be the week. Our rhythms took us from breakfast to carpooling to work and back home again. It was peaceful in the most necessary of ways.

WEEK NO.2 | Every March we spend 9-days leading a mission trip with a handful of our college students over their spring break. This year may have been our favorite to date with students who were both teachable, faithful, and open to how the Lord would move in their lives throughout the week. We enjoyed a multitude of opportunities for my husband and myself to get to know our students in a manner not often possible when back on campus. While a little sunshine and warmth didn't hinder the week in our minds either. We're already anticipating our return next March to the beautiful Gulf Coast beaches of the Florida panhandle.

WEEK NO.3 | All good things come to an end. Returning from our missions trip we both became stricken with colds, mine progressively increasing in severity as the week went by. For the first time in years I was subjected to remain in bed and call in sick to work. Meanwhile my gracious husband continued to pack our belongings for our upcoming move at the end of the month. With kleenex tissues in tow we managed to squeeze in one final drive at dusk around the shores of Lake Michigan. To our delight we had not yet discovered the most beautiful spots along the lake and while bundled together overlooked the most magnificent view. This home and this city have welcomed us to well to Milwaukee over the past year.

WEEK NO.4 | We picked up the keys to our new home this week! I was still under the weather and once again my husband stepped forward to finish our packing, making multiple trips throughout the week moving odds and ends, and finishing the week moving everything from our old home to new - all while I slept (literally). I'd be sorry if I forgot the true craziness of this move - having spent the night before moving day in the emergency room, arriving home around 2am, sleeping on our couch with what blankets and pillows remained unpacked, then waking before the sun to pick up the moving truck - wherein Guy returned to our old home and I to our new (to sleep once again). He loaded and unloaded all our belongings with the help of coworkers and students (we are so grateful for you!) and if you thought we weren't crazy enough - by mid-afternoon, with a house covered in boxes and pathways leading to rooms, we showered and proceeded to join our dear cousins in Chicago for their first taste of Chicago Pizza. It was a day we will not forget, but worth every ounce of crazy, because life is all about the smattering of ups and downs, plans gone unplanned, and spur of the moment trips to gather with long-distance family and friends.

WEEK NO.5 | Every. single. box. has been unpacked or at the very least relegated to the basement for later decision-making. To break in our new home we celebrated by doing laundry - all. day. long. and by eating pizza and just about any take-out we could find nearby. More than any home we've lived in before, this feels like home - the home where a new and budding community may grow together, where Lord-willing little hands and toes will one day crawl, where friends will join us for late summer nights around the fire, and Guy and I will take in fall days from the back porch over piping coffee or our beverage of choice. March you were certainly not dull as often is the case. 


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