Thriving in the 2nd Trimester

Thriving in the 2nd Trimester | Leia Bryn

I can hardly fathom how quickly the time passed. With the second trimester came the first baby kicks, a resurgence of motivation and energy, and a bump that finally surpassed the (at the time endless) 'frumpy' stage of pregnancy. 

The second trimester was truly dreamy in comparison to the ups and downs of the first and the now discomforts of the third. Regardless, I have a hard time not seeing every moment, every discomfort, every bout of sickness, every time I felt 'normal' as an incredible blessing in this journey of motherhood. 

second trimester notes

  1. Eating Wins: Basically anything was a win as I rounded the corner and left morning sickness in the dust at 16-weeks, but the particularly enjoyable, and dare I say cravings, led me to gravitate towards New York Style Pizza (always, always Buffalo Chicken), Chicago Dogs, and a fair share of watermelon.
  2. Grandma Sally held the most accurate prediction as for when I would be out of the 1st Trimester 'woods.' She insisted that at 16-weeks, the 4-month mark, all would subside and she was exactly right! As we pulled into Seaside Heights, New Jersey to lead our students on a missions project I felt like a new person (or like my pre-pregnancy self?). Looking back this was a timely gift that enabled me to be fully engaged and present with my students this summer. 
  3. We learned the gender of our Baby this trimester in an appointment that almost didn't happen. Chalk it up to pregnancy brain or being a first-timer, but when I scheduled our appointment at 20-weeks I scheduled an "OB Check" rather than an "Anatomy" appointment. I failed to realize my mistake until the week before the appointment and after weepily begging for any possible opening we did indeed get to see our baby, learn baby's gender, and stare in awe at our baby's distinguishing features. 
  4. Our families celebrated baby's gender reveal in early July. We packaged two little pink hats into sweet and small boxes tied with a bow for each family to open! What sweet memories we hold from sharing that moment with our families.
  5. Baby traveled often during the 2nd Trimester - by car, plane, and ferry no less. With the exception of some hip discomfort on the plane, baby and mom enjoyed some pretty fantastic travels together. A highlight that will be difficult to top was the moment we stood as a family of three, myself six-months pregnant, having hiked to the top of Mount Tomei to overlook Mount Rainer. An unforgettable moment.
  6. Energy levels were back in full swing and that meant kayaking, hiking, biking, and lots of walking were all fair game once again. What a great feeling to get out and move again!
  7. First baby kicks were undeniably one of the most surreal moments of this trimester. We happened to be sitting in a work conference when I first felt babes little punches and quickly pulled Guy's hand over to feel for himself. Baby hasn't stopped kicking since!
  8. So many memories in such a brief amount of time - God in His grace has blessed us with a child we are eager to finally meet!