Bray Ruby at Two Months

Two Months! This was a fun month with Bray. After a sleepy first month for all, we started to see her eyes and gummy smiles more often. She settled into a schedule for eating, playing and sleeping and we're all better for it. 

Bray loves mornings and is at her smiliest between the hours of 5:00am-10:00am. It's pretty difficult to get angry at an early wake up call when it's met with cheeky smiles and happy coos. Her focus increased and that meant more opportunities to stare at her piercing blue eyes. We still can't say who she looks more like, but I'm certain she has her daddy's eyes. 

She's growing so much (I know we'll continue to say that each month), weighing in at 12Ibs, 9oz and measuring 23-1/4 inches long. All her growth has led to a handful of setbacks in sleeping patterns, cluster feedings, and extra clinginess (not that we mind the extra snuggles one bit).  Her thighs got a little bit thicker, belly a bit rounder, and cheeks filled out even larger. 

Between all the growing and observing of her new little world, she's a kicker, avid fan of tummy time, and slowly growing to enjoy time in her bouncer chair (we thought she'd never come around) and gazing at the new play gym we got her for her 1st Christmas. We love watching her realize the world around her and know there will be so many more experiences in store for our family in the coming months.

Miss Bray Ruby. You are so loved.