Around Here / January Edition.

LOVING HGTV's Fixer Upper (I'm a little late to discovering how awesome it is!). Anyone else watch the show and have the sudden urge to hunt down fixer upper's in your neighborhood all night? If only Guy and I were contractors, designers, and realtors. Chip and Joanna - want to come to Milwaukee? 

READING through my maternity leave as Bray feeds and often sleeps on mom. I'm enjoying A Mother's Heart by Jean Fleming. It's a blend of encouragement in the thick of life with an infant, while also challenging me to walk forward in Motherhood in the power of the Holy Spirit. A convicting and stimulating read. 

LISTENING to Keith & Kristen Getty on this Spotify Playlist as Bray and I start our day together. If you haven't listened to their music I recommend starting with "By Faith."  

DRINKING piping hot, black coffee in the mornings (the hotter the better) and Cherry Lime La Croix (which I found at Aldi!) in the afternoons. Just another reason I love Aldi!

ENJOYING learning how to use our DSLR Camera in manual mode. My sister gave me the cliff notes tutorial over Christmas and it's amazing the difference between shooting in automatic versus manual. I started the 52 Project with Bray both to capture her milestones and moments throughout this year, as well as to challenge myself to grow as a photographer and learn more about our cameras capabilities.  

EATING our way through freezer meals we prepared before Bray's arrival and incredibly grateful our planning ahead now means extra snuggles with Bray and never having to ask "what's for dinner?"

REFLECTING on the loss of Keller as I read this piece, We Lost a Child, and Gained Something Greater. "Suffering is one of the great instruments in God’s hands to continue to reveal to us our dependence on him and our hope in him. God is good to give us the greatest gift he can give us, which is more of himself, and he’s good however he chooses to deliver that gift".

REMEMBERING to cut myself some slack and trust my instincts as I read this helpful article about the new days of motherhood.